Living a Heart Centered Life

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Heart Plan Vision
A collective of
awakened humanity, united,
conscious of
their true nature, empowered,
elements of a New Earth Arising

Heart Plan Vision was birthed from the confluence of four factors I witnessed

My eyes, knowledge and heart opened wide to signs of our sovereign freedoms being eroded, including our medical freedoms, and coupled with the environmental degradation that is underway and our very ability to survive on earth in grave question.

My deep passion inquiry within, as to what I was on this earth to do this lifetime, and my desire to be of service in a meaningful way and an impactful way.

My observation of a theme that was present in many of the leading thinkers and visionaries of our time – that a heart centered life would be our way through these extraordinary times.  I could see how a broad-based ‘grass roots’ activism, aligned with a vision for a grand ‘New Earth’, would be the center from which heart based living would spring forth.

My explorations into ‘big picture’ issues (taking the red pill *), as to our history here on earth, who really runs the world, how we got where we are now, and how to bring back the heart into all we do – especially in our project designs for a new world that works for the goodness of all.

The Great Awakening

Each letter of Heart Plan Vision
is used to created a type of slogan,

the intent being to communicate the overall theme and vision of the project

Portal is added here,
as the Portal is visioned
to be the member area,
where people gather to connect and strategize


H    Heartfully
E     Everyone
A    Articulating
R    Rallying
T    Trailblazing

P     Planning
L     Leverage
A    Action
N    Now

V     Visioning
 I     Innovations
S     Solutions
 I     Interconnectedness
O    Opportunity
N    Networks

P    Participatory
O   Oneness
R    Resilient
T    Thriving
A    Activates
L    Love


Global Social Transformation


The Heart Plan Vision
At the ‘link’ above you will find the following Vision Statements expanded upon



An awakened people on planet Earth

Informed of the ecological indicators of apocalyptic collapse

Attuned to the grief and mourning needed amidst the demise of
global industrial capitalism

United in communities for sustainable and just lives

Connected globally in a complex web of our humanity and planet biodiversity

Fertile with imaginative, creative responses for rising as a phoenix
out of the ashes of an old world dying

Articulate in vision for a new human and a new earth

Courageous in commitment to embrace and accept the challenges of this
momentous time on earth

And, most importantly

Empowered to action that is congruent with a heart centered consciousness

Global Social Transformation


We seek to

Connect the dots (understanding the relationship between different ideas and experiences)

Support empowerment of micro and macro social movements

Increase leverage of projects and movements for maximum desired impact

Measure engagement of people and impact of their actions in achievement of shared goals

Track as a tipping point is reached for critical mass of global awakening and global grass roots mobilization through means of awareness of our inter-connectedness

Inspire building of new visions for an evolving earth and protection
for all forms of life on earth



Mass Awakening on its way



Founder  Shema A Satya

Shema Satya Global Social Transformation