12 Noon Group Visualizations

Global Social Transformation

The Vision Is Monday through Fridays
12 Noon Group Visualizations in your own time zone
Rotating through Important Topics Throughout the Month

Full cycle completes in 4 weeks and then continue monthly repeating
the 4 week cycle of topics

These topics will continue to refine and stay current
addressing the most pressing global needs for healing

Saturdays and Sundays Suggested for Prayers and Visualizations
for your own Personal Families & Friends and their Needs

Of special importance is How to do these Visualizations …
see end of this page for notes on
the Vortex and The Golden Key

Future Vision
Creating a Phone App that will send out reminders
And the App will have a calendar
And you can click on which Daily Visualizations you want a reminder sent

Mon – Grass Roots Global Mobilization for Empowerment of all Peoples

Tues – Put down weapons, No More War

Wed – No More Hunger

Thurs – Organic Regenerative Food for All

Fri – Reparations for Black Americans and Slavery

Mon – Reparations for Native Americans and Indigenous People

Tues – Healthcare for All

Wed – Rescue children from sex trafficking

Thurs  – Organic School Lunches paid for all children

Fri – Prayer & Forgiveness for Politicians, Diplomats and Corporate CEO’s **

Mon – All animal life on Earth protected

Tues – Peace on Earth

Wed – Disclosure

Thurs – Connect with Source Within

Fri – Housing for All

Mon – Prayers for Global Elite Running the Planet & Billionaires **

Tues – Forest Protections

Wed – Prayers for All Peoples of Planet Earth for Unity Consciousness & Celebrate Diversity

Thurs – Student Debt Forgiveness

Fri – Clean Water for All life on Earth

**  When Praying for Politicians, Diplomats, CEOs,
Billionaires & Global Elite Running the World

Let us Pray and Send them Blessings, for as we do for others, so too will be done for Us
Let us Pray – Bless them All.  Bless that the goodness of God, for God Almighty to Work
To establish peace for all humankind.
Pray that their Guardian Angels Guide them, Protect them, and Instruct them
All for the highest good of all.
That their values become that of Goodness and Abundance for all of life on Earth

There is an important Metaphysical Element
on where to place Emphasis on this Visualization Practice

It may sound subtle, yet it is very profound and important

This is not about focusing on what is lacking and what needs justice and healing
Yes, these are desired manifestations for heaven on earth
But focusing on lack is not what will get us there

Inspired by some Abraham videos that help remind of 
Focus on what is already in the Vortex
and do not focus on what is still not in the Vortex

and from Emmett Fox “The Golden Key”
Think of problem, desired outcome
and then quickly Let It Go
and Golden Key it
Meaning “Think of ‘God’ instead”
Think of ‘Jah’ continuously
Think of ‘Source Creator’ continuously

For ‘Source Creator’ KNOWS how best to guide and direct us
For achievement of our desired outcomes

This Quantum energy has access to so much more the Bigger Picture and Ideal Outcomes
Than our Egoic mind could ever figure out on it’s own