18 Million Vaccine Injuries in America

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November 2022

“An estimated 230 million Americans received at least one Covid-19 shot,
and 8% of them, or 18 million people,
may have been hospitalized due to vaccine injury.

In the following article, data from a medical study of 10 million people,
showed 800,000 hospitalizations from Covid-19 vaccine injuries.
Out of 10 million people. That’s an 8% hospitalization rate.”

Based on that study,
If we multiply 8% by the total number of Americans vaccinated,
That comes to over 18 million.
That’s how the 18 million number is estimated.

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Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Vaccine Injuries in America
Nov 21 2022

“The CDC started a vaccine monitoring program back at the very beginning of the COVID shot rollout in December of 2020. You might remember it. The program was called V-safe. People were asked to install the V-safe app on their smartphones and then self-report if they have any negative effects from the experimental mRNA shots, which were released to the public under an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

A lot of people were eager to help, because world governments had scared many folks very badly over the virus. Many thought that the COVID shots were a medical miracle in late 2020. So, more than 10 million people downloaded V-safe on their smartphones, and then proceeded to get vaccinated.”

That’s a huge sample size for a medical study. With 10 million people participating in the V-safe self-reporting system, it gives us an extremely accurate statistical model to use when studying the 230 million Americans who have had at least one COVID shot.

The CDC tracked data in the V-safe program for the first 18 months of the vaccine’s public availability, up through July of this year, 2022. But then, strangely, the CDC never published any data from V-safe. We couldn’t see it.

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More than 18 million people were injured so badly by their first COVID shot from Pfizer or Moderna that they had to go to the hospital. That’s according to the CDC’s own internal data, which a court just ordered the federal agency to release to a watchdog group.

Instead of alerting the public to the incredible dangers of these shots and completely shutting down Joe Biden’s mass vaccination mandates, the CDC covered up the info until it was forced to release.

Court Orders CDC To Release Data On 18 Million U.S. Vaccine Injuries

Of the 10 million people who participated in V-safe – again, a massive sample size – 3.3 million reported Adverse Health Impacts (AHIs) immediately after their first vaccination. That’s 33% or one-in-three. Of those 3.3 million people, 1.2 million reported that they were unable to perform daily activities for a time after vaccination. 1.3 million reported getting so sick from the shots that they had to miss school or work. And about 800,000 reported being hospitalized by their COVID vaccination.

That last figure is the most worrisome. 800,000 hospitalizations out of 10 million people? That’s an 8% hospitalization rate. It means that as many as 18 million of the 230 million people who received at least one shot may have been hospitalized with an adverse reaction.

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