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Emmanuel Dagher

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Jan 20 2021 – 20

“Follow your heart
Your true north
Your internal GPS

How you do one thing
Is how you do everything

Your every dream is at your fingertips
Play at 100%

What excites you most about your future
What has you feeling the most
Blessed and Grateful

Evolve into the Highest Expression
Of yourself

Champions are made in training
Fall in love with the process
Of your journey to your dreams.”

Chris Howard

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Jan 19 2021 – 19

Seeing myself reflected in another.
Feeling my heart, my desire.
To be that which is timeless.
– Shema Satya
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Jan 18 2021 – 18

“If we don’t know where we are going
Any road will get us there.
So we need to figure out
What the ultimate destination is
That we are headed to.
And then we build backwards with
How to make that vision happen.
The key, Play Full Out.”
– Chris Howard
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Jan 17 2021 – 17

“It’s all in Awareness,
There is a marvelous inner world
that exists within us,
and the revelation of such a world
enables us to do, to attain
and to achieve
anything we desire
within the bounds or limits of Nature.”
– Bob Proctor
Global Social Transformation

Jan 16 2021 – 16

“We think on frequencies.
The thoughts that you think
will determine the results you ultimately get.

Your mind and your thoughts must think on the same frequency,
if you are to achieve your goal.

Once you say ‘THAT’ is what I want to do
you immediately need to start to think on that frequency.

You have to make a ‘Committed Decision’,

The One prerequisite,
‘Think and Act like the person you want to Become’.

When you start thinking on that frequency,
everything that you require to reach that goal
is on that frequency.

Whether it be money, a book, a person,
whatever you need
is on that frequency.

So whatever it is you want
forget about money, the knowledge,
forget about everything!

If you really want it,
‘WANT’ is the only prerequisite for making a DECISION.

I would have never gotten to where I was,
if I had to wait until I had the knowledge or the money.

I knew that if I wanted it
and if I locked into it
I would get it.

Want is the only prerequisite.

That is the only thing you have to think,
Do I want it?

If you lock an idea into your mind
it IS going to happen.

And it is going to happen
like unadulterated magic.”

Bob Proctor

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Jan 15 2021 – 15

“A key success principle is organized information, intelligently directed.
Anyone can grow and enjoy great success.”
– Andrew Carnegie
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Jan 14 2021 – 14

“Let no man pull you low enough
to hate him.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

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Jan 13 2021 – 13

“We cannot force someone to hear
A Message they are not ready
To receive.
But we must never
The Power
Of Planting a Seed”

Global Social Transformation

Jan 12 2021 – 12

“They tried to Bury Us.
They Didn’t Know We We Were Seeds.”
– Mexican Proverb

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Jan 11 2021 – 11

“In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

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Jan 10 2021 – 10

“In solitude there is healing.
Speak to your soul.
Listen to your heart.
Sometimes in the absence of noise
we find the answers.”
– Dodinsky
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Jan 9 2021 – 9

“They have the infrastructure in place to change our behavior.”
Dr. Mercola

“Data is the new oil of the 21st Century.
Whoever owns the DATA owns the system.
Last century it was oil, this century it is DATA.”
Patrick Wood

Dr. Mercola in conversation with Patrick Wood on Technocracy.
Link to interview Technocracy

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Jan 8 2021 – 8

“I was born to learn how to speak
The language of love
How to unchain my heart
How to shed everything
How to let go of all expectations
I was born to learn how it feels
To lose everything
Except what really matters
I was born to live a life
That would strip away everything
That wasn’t real
That wasn’t true
That wasn’t Me!”
– Sandra Burger

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Jan 7 2021 – 7

“The Level of your Dream
will determine the
Magnitude and Impact
of your Success”
– Shema Satya

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Jan 6 2021 – 6

My Dream Tribe – Heart Plan Vision

Heart Centered Visionaries, Red Pillers,
Committed to building New Earth and 5D Humanity
Doing their own inner shadow busting work
And building their own Freedom Pods
of Truth Seekers and Freedom Lovers

We are part of a movement to build the new 1% of New Earthers
Filling the morphic field to create the tipping point
For the New Awakened Humanity

We know that our efforts create ripples
And have impacts far beyond what we can ever measure
We are Big Dreamers

2021 The Grand Awakening
The Great Awakening

– Shema Satya

Global Social Transformation

Jan 5 2021 – 5

“Be patient for all that is
unsolved in your heart
and try to learn to love
the questions themselves.”
– Ranier Maria Rilke
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Jan 4 2021 – 4

This year I commit to 10% tithing of gross income each month.
I have only dabbled in this over the years.
I want to include in my pool of donations
The so very many courageous researchers
and truth tellers that are standing up to the insanity
For the sake of Gaia, Humanity
We seek to usher in the New Earth
I am ready to live freely
in the art of circulating
Giving and Receiving
Keeping the channels open
through circulation
not stagnation
And now I bring that intention
into my financial matters.
– Shema Satya
Global Social Transformation

Jan 3 2021 – 3

Arise Homeo Sapiens!  We do not consent!
Sacha Stone

They need the lockdown so to prevent us from building up natural immunities.
Miles Johnson in conversation with Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

We can look for solutions or we can remove the cause of the problem –
which is human acquiescence to power.
David Icke

Lab Rats – That’s all you are if you have the vaccine
David Icke

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Jan 2 2021 – 2
“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
— Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Jan 1 2021 – 1
“We all have a mission in life. The test as to whether it is complete or not is this.
If you are alive … your life mission is not yet complete. “
Richard Bach “Illusions” and Patricia CotaRobles
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