5G Apocalypse

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5G Apocalypse The Extinction Event!  Film by Sacha Stone
Best Documentary on 5G/EMF Danger to Humanity

A full length documentary exposing the 5G threat to humanity. Weapons development experts, biologists, molecular and cellular biologists, , activists, as well as leaders trying to bring to light the dangers of 5G technology.

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The film paints the picture on how governments and the telecommunication industry is rolling out this new 5G technology without safety testing. The film also gives us a background on electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), microwaves used as weapons plus health and science experts saying that this technology has vast implications on all biological life. Featuring in this film: weapons development experts, biologists, molecular & cellular biologists, blood microscopists, activists, as well as good leaders out there on the frontline. We know what this technology is – we know how it was conceived and we know where it is intended to take people and planet.

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“Installing switch to activate 5G levels,
ultimately could wipe out a whole city with the flip of a switch …”

Commentary by a 5G installer foreman …

“My son started hanging the 5g cable 2 years ago. He was over one day and was telling me how when he goes out of town, which has been a lot, he rarely sees anyone because they are in such remote areas. He said he is up in the pole and as far as he could see in any direction was just trees and mountains. He also said they have to put a notice on the boxes that it can harm vegetation within so many feet around it. I said dont you feel bad making money off helping install something that are gonna use against us. He said not really cuz the way I look at it if I don’t someone else will and this way I know exactly what to do to disable it if I need to.

Said the way they were hanging it they can wipe out a whole city with the flip of a switch and he is a foreman so he will know when they put the order in to activate each level.

Said there are 3 different switches,

one is to make you physically sick,

then the next fucks with your sanity also,

then the kill switch.” – T. D.

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Airlines Ask Biden to Delay 5G Rollout, Warn of ‘Catastrophic Aviation Crisis’
Jan 19 2022

Executives from the biggest U.S. airlines asked the Biden administration for “immediate intervention” in today’s scheduled rollout of 5G technology near major airports, warning of an impending “catastrophic” aviation crisis when AT&T and Verizon deploy new 5G service.

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Claire Edwards
See Heart Plan Vision page on Claire Edwards

Claire Edwards Interview with Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot
YouTube shut down the live video stream in process

Nov 25 2020
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Dr. Mercola Warns on the Impending 5G Apocalypse

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at 45 min about 5G and devastating scary potential health impacts
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A Conversation on Freedom with Ole Dammegard and Paul Seils
New Earth Project
June 26 2020
Listen to our own inner wisdoms
Be our own leaders
Paul Seils
This is a global movement and people world wide are trying to seek a moratorium, to stop to it until proven safe.
Website includes
Stop5GGlobal Interviews With World-Thought Leaders
Ole Dammegard
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July 16 2020 Interviewed by Laura Eisenhower
Inspiring news about an EMF protection devise that protects both from thermal and non thermal effects.  They are working currently on the first true 5G study ever done.  To be published soon.
Laura and Paul talk about 5-G and other EMF’s and radiation. EMF Protection, Hydrogen Water and more!
Paul Barattiero Bio ~
“Paul is the Founder and CEO of Synergy Science and a certified naturopathic doctor. Paul has been a pioneer and leader in the Hydrogen Water Industry for 15 years. He has labored to bring to market cutting edge, scientific-based, natural healing technologies to facilitate detoxification, gut recovery, reduction of oxidative stress, inflammation as well as protection from EMF radiation. You can find him featured in numerous shows and documentaries and has co-authored several books. He lives with his family in the mountains of Utah.”
Website —
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