A Design for Basic Living

A Design for Basic Living – Notes from a Simplicity Lifestyle

For starters, Design a life where expenses are kept at a minimum
– this way the temptation to become a “slave to work just to sustain one’s lifestyle” is less.
That’s an important key – to not develop a life that consumes one with “consumerism”
and then lessens the inner freedom to unfold one’s true heart-centered life.

At the beginning ….
Pick up employment, that aligns with your interests, skills and passions – if possible.
And in particular – gain employment to meet your basic living expenses.
This is essential for well-being.
For stress “makes us stupid” – meaning stress lessens our capacity to think well & make good decisions.


Partnered with sustainable employment is developing Financial Management skills.
Often referred to as financial literacy – learning to manage our monies well.

Learn to track your finances, budget, build a cash cushion for emergencies, design a budget.


Now, once basic expenses are stable, and a steady home base is set up.
Now, the body can relax some.
And attend more freely to explorations for bringing one’s most true and deep passions forward into the world.

Ultimately with the aim, at least for those of us with the desire, that our work in the world aligns with our gifts and our joys.  Hence, our monies coming in through work in alignment with that which is most important to us.  Offering a beautiful attunement for living in harmony with life.


From this foundation, there hopefully is more an inner relaxation and energies freed up.
And one can deepen their explorations for unfolding their deepest creative passions.
These creative passions, we believe, are the truth of what we are here to express.
They are our “contributions” for assisting in life’s harmonious unfoldment.
Everyone living their full potentials.

We are now liberated to attend to more “advanced living skills”
like good health, our creative pursuits, healthy connections, etc.

One thing this life is teaching me.  That we still live in a culture where money is the currency for survival.  So good health, medical care, nutritious food, good social skills – most of these require money.

It would be lovely if, when we leave home, as adults, we have these skills in place.  For most of us, however, much is still lacking.  And so we are left to first, scramble to figure out the money game, so that ultimately we can get our spiritual and health needs better met. 

I am still inclined to think of good health and happiness as seeming “luxuries”, being our having so many essentials for living that need attention for our survival needs first. 

Living a fulfilling life is a “luxury” that not everyone easily has access to.  At least in this old world paradigm.


Footnote:  there is one element I would add here.  If we were taught this one thing before leaving the family nest it would make for lessening so much suffering.   I will speak for myself here.   

To KNOW in our hearts, that there is an Ultimate Intelligence that we are ONE with.  Call it what you will, God, High Self, Source.  And it is this Intelligence that knows our optimum path and is also the Source of our security, and where our monies come from. 

Money is just the vehicle.  Divine Intelligence is where it originates from.  So, my best advice.  Learn and Live this truth as early as you can.  So never to see your bank account as a determination of your safety.  Your connection and awareness and communion with your Inner High Self, this is where your safety and guidance comes from.

—  Shema Satya
Written as an inspiration, if I had something to offer my child self as she prepared to embark on the adventure of this life.  A sub title might be:  “Things I Wish My Parents Had Taught Me”


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