A Gradual Awakening

Shema’s Diary “A Gradual Awakening”

We begin. 
Writing here.
Jah and I.

Heart Plan Vision requires
that I heal and open my heart.
This has been a gradual process
of realization.
Hence, a gradual awakening.

While realizing there really was
No destination
As I am Home already

Concentration, Commitment, Vigilance
To quiet the monkey mind,
Loyalty to the HEART.
To the truth we are ONE
and Abundance and goodness abounds.

No need for fear of scarcity
of any kind,
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.
God showers us with abundance
in all of these areas of our lives.

Know this to be true.
and it will be my Freedom.

💖 💖 💖

Negative thoughts continue to creep in
I learn to allow them to pass through
Opening to acceptance of them
Practicing not judging 
Not suppressing
Not forcing to change anything
That arises

It all then just flows through me

I do not cling
I do not give it a story
I do not strengthen it

Just allowing thoughts and feelings
to pass on through
Freedom comes when I am not

Transient that they are
These thoughts and feelings

They do and will pass
(thank you Anita Moorjani)

💖 💖 💖

A true teaching must be able
To be proved within the Heart.
This teaching
“You are already the SELF
and there is nothing you need do
To be the SELF.”

This gets forgotten
when the identify clings
and believes
in that which is
Resulting in
confusion and suffering.
(thank you Mooji)

The way out is
To stop allegiance with
this body and it’s identity
which is transient.

Once knowing this
Then one can discover
that which is eternally
here now always
with me
never changing
always constant.

Suffering is the door
for the Search within
So suffering is my friend
My teacher, My guide

Suffering is the trigger
that stimulates the search
To ask the bigger questions
Who am I
Why am I here

💖 💖 💖

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