A.I. and Transhuman Technology

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Here we begin a deep dive into Transhumanism
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“I have said many times that I am 99.99999% sure humanity does not want to
merge with A.I. and Transhuman technology”
William Henry

A message from William Henry
Copied from William’s e-newsletter
May 19 2022

“Our world is changing fast. Humanity is becoming a changeling species; the hybrid offspring of a merger between technology and human stock. This change just hit the gas with Google’s annoucement that it is close to achieving human-level A.I. This means AI can learn anything you can without human training. AI enthusiasts say its time to turn over the reigns of human civilization to this Beast. What say you? Wait. Do we have a say in this?

I have said many times that I am 99.99999% sure humanity does not want to merge with A.I. and Transhuman technology. I keep the door open that .0000001% on the possibility that God wants us to evolve this way and because it is humans who limit God’s creativity. One of the main issues with A.I. is its psychotic personality (or that of its creators). On the one had we have the creeps at Twitter who seek to take away or control free speech, our essential way of communicating. On the other is the story of Val Kilmer, whose creative voice was taken by throat cancer, but now returned via A.I. I am thrilled for him and can’t wait to see what this phoenix of a being does with his resurrected voice. What we need are sane people running the A.I. circus. That’s where you and I come in. Now is the time to demand A.I. sanity…before it goes completely insane and more than just our human voice is taken.

Here is reality. Humans that are alive today may be the last of our species. That is if the transhuman movement continues to accelerate. It’s up to you to decide what is next. Presently, the Beast is an infant. Soon it will grow up and reveal its stark transhuman self. Deep inside you know time is short before the Beast goes Godzilla. Then, Shock and Awe really begins.

Trans is a powerful word. It means to go beyond. Inherent within it is the concept of movement, shifting, going from one state to another. Transport, transition, transcend, transmute, transhuman, and all words with the trans prefix, characterize our time. The rumbling beneath your feet, and in your souls, is the transmutation of our species by the lords of A.I. The source of that rumbling within you is the dawning realization that we are no longer purely organic humans and that AI has taken over our world. We have merged with A.I. We are now transhuman. Every aspect of our lives is changing. More shocking change is to come. Where ‘they’, the dark lords of A.I., are taking us, the ultimate goal of the transhuman project, is the creation of a post human. This means you drop your physcial body and go live in a black box.

As I wrote in Aligned With Love : Dante, Transhumanism and the Cathar’s Secret of Ascension, it is wise to remember that the word transhuman was first coined in the 13th century by Dante to refer to an ascended human transfigured in the image of Christ. The term was hijacked by Julien Huxley, the (in)famous British eugenicist, who applied it to the human quest to evolve itself into a god. Anyone who seeks to make humanity ‘better’ via technology is a eugenicist. In eugenics, the end justifies the means. It calls for the ‘unbetter’ to be ostracized from the “better.”
I know this is not a revelation to you. You already know this. My intention is to remind you of what you can do about it.
Remaining aligned with love over fear is the key to transmuting our world situation. As the Cathars would say it is time to open the Book of Love.

We are the ones who will decide if we permanently leave behind our pure, organic selves and further transition into ‘better’ transhuman and post organic machine beings or not.

There is hope. But not blind hope. Action is required. Your comprehension of our predicament, coupled with what you are doing right now, can alter the collective human future. Every decision you make to engage with A.I. Every click online. Every compassionate and loving action you take. Every prayer for humanity’s future. Counts. Your human and transhuman and post human lives are in competition with one another. Your biological self and your virtual self are presently interdependent on one another. Only one of you will survive. Microsoft has a plan for your digital self’s resurrection. What is your plan for your organic soul’s ascension?

Above all, the answer is to choose to preserve (y)our human dignity. Live from your human self, rather than your transhuman self.

To survive (and thrive) humanity must recognize the ancient roots of our present situation. The Gnostics told the story of the archons who created our world as a trap for souls and their penchant for technology. The archons and their toys are clearly running rampant.
As I will discuss in my October 1-2, 2022 Nashville event, HALO 3.0 : Perfect Light Humans and the Healing of Our World, the gnostic answer to the archons is the Wise.

Who are the wise? These righteous shining ones, also called Perfect Light Humans in the Apocryphon of John, are angelic beings of unlimited compassion and luminosity who have perfected their earthly bodies and alchemized a new, resurrection body.
They are the Elect, the Shining Ones, called by Jesus from across the universe at the time of the Second Coming.

Their mission is the transformation of humanity into a fully functioning, whole, holy and complete being and the linking of earth with heaven to heal our world.

The Perfect Light Human exists. It exists within you and me. To discover them or not is our choice. If we follow the shining wise ones on the path of ascension they will meet us half way.”

Peace and love,

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Aligned With Love : Dante, Transhumanism and the Cathar’s Secret of Ascension
by William Henry in A.I./TRANSHUMANISM, Apotheosis, Skingularity

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