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BIO for Heart Plan Vision founder, Shema Satya

Shema Satya, a third generation San Franciscan, for many years delighted in living in Marin County, CA at the foot of Mt.Tamalpais. Frequent walks at a nearby lake kept her grounded in the mystic path and helped to balance out her three decades of passionate research into discovering the key elements essential for humanity’s passage through fear and the addiction to power INTO an awakened state where love is the guiding light of our choices and actions.

The bridge for this is through the sacred heart. “Heart to Heart”, Shema’s first literary contribution is a journey into the everyday thoughts and conversations that are currently underway, as we, as global citizens, seek wisdom and right action in this time of The Great Transition. It is the fore runner to Shema’s larger body of work under development now, Heart Plan Vision Portal.  These materials are in the publication process currently.

Shema comes into her activism and consciousness work through the path of being a performing artist in her earlier years. Immersed in the world of dance and trained in a blend of jazz, African, hip hop, modern and ballet, she spent three decades training and performing in local community shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. Towards the end of this artistic focus, she shifted her attention to an in-depth study of environmental issues, which soon led to broader research into the full spectrum of the global issues of our time.  Her final dance performance piece was a solo performed to the spoken word, about a whale and environmental issues.  It was a lovely way to transition from her life as a performance artist, into a life of heart-based activism.

Heart Plan Vision is the culmination of her decades of study and visionary perspectives for possible ways to live in these transitional times that can, hopefully, bring about a new world for the greatest good of all.

Over the last few years, Shema was dividing her time between Shasta County, CA and Marin County, CA.  In Shasta County, walks along the Sacramento River, waterfall hikes in the beautiful nearby mountain range, and lake kayaking helped to nourish her spirit.  While views of gorgeous Mt Shasta helped to inspire.  Frequently making trips back to Marin County for visits, she would return to her loves, the ocean and the local lakes.

Recently, in 2018, due to the devastating California wildfires, Shema is now settled back into the San Francisco Bay Area, happily calling this home.  She lost a dearly beloved dog that she helped care for in her Shasta County home, during the devastating Carr Fire.  Shema shares a few photos here, in lovely remembrance.

Forever loved, and thank you for your constancy in love and companionship, Zuki, in my heart forever.



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