Affiliate Marketing Launch Steps

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Creating a New Online Business?

Needing Clarity on What To Focus on?

Have you Chosen the Affiliate Marketing Model to start with?

Here we share learnings and guidance on Affiliate Marketing
to help shorten the implementation time frame

Including some key take-aways
For getting focused
For clear action
And building out of the website and marketing promotion

We also have a blog post we are continuing to update on
Online Marketing the Maze

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Get Support from the beginning!

One great suggestion is to join social media groups
In these groups you’ll find people supporting each other in very helpful ways

One such group is on Facebook,
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Learn How To Make Money Online

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Connor Rigg offers tips on what he wished he knew BEFORE beginning the Affiliate journey

Along with sharing his affiliate offering
The 7 Proven Steps To Building A 6-Figure Online Business From Scratch…

WITHOUT Having Any Products, Experience Or Dealing With Clients
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Connor:  A few things that I wish I knew BEFORE I started my affiliate marketing journey.

1. You’re going to put in the same amount of work for high ticket and low ticket items. One or the other doesn’t require more attention. Try to find a high ticket offer and create content for that offer. But choose something you enjoy doing or talking about.

2. This is a business so it’s going to require money. I wanted to save as much money as possible but I quickly realized if I’m going to go ”all in” with this, I’m going to have to spend money. There are some free resources that are great but at the end of the day, this is a business that will require investments but what you do with those investments is more important.

3. Stay consistent. Even on days where you don’t feel like doing anything at all. When the clicks are there but the saws aren’t, don’t give up. That’s the absolute worst thing to do. Keep your head down, grind, and the results will come.

4. Master one source of traffic first. I made the mistake of doing 3,4,5 different sources of traffic and it wasn’t doing anything for me. Spend time focusing on mastering one traffic source and once you master that, add another one. Put all your energy and time into one and watch the results come.

5. Maybe the most important lesson is to get a mentor. I didn’t sell anything at all. Not one dime until I found a mentor that went through the same struggles I did. He taught me how to do everything he did and that’s when things started to change.

Hopefully this post helps someone who is struggling and if you are, keep grinding.

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 “The 7 Deadly Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make”

1.Selecting Offers Based Only on Payout
2.Building Someone Else’s Business Instead of Your Own
3.Skimping on Competitive Analysis
4.Not Implementing Proper Tracking and Testing
5.Lack of Focus
6.Not Investing in Testing
7.Analysis Paralysis

And a few additional tips

Before you choose your Niche
You should know how to make money on it

Choose keywords
Start with keywords with difficulty under 10
So you can ‘SEO rank’ more easily
Then later you can use keywords with higher number in difficulty (0 to 100)
100 being most difficult, 0 being the easiest to rank

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When wanting to promote toolbars
First choose your Niche

Choose a Domain Name
Go to Go Daddy Value and Appraisal

Choose a Hosting Company
Our top choices are Siteground and Blue Host

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Managing Ad Campaigns

Highlights from Free Trainings
Launch Ad campaign at midnight
Get good keywords, best age group
Do precise targeting with Ads

The Power of the Pixel – add FB Pixel to your CPA account
“How to Instal the Facebook Pixel on ClickFunnels to Track Conversions” – YouTube 6 min training

Focus on new marketing Ad campaigns
Daily, Weekly, Monthly – then they will run on autopilot – via the Facebook algorithms

Split Test – no call to action on Ad, people do not want to click on an Ad

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Optional Training Courses

Try not to rush – do an overview first – look for trainers you like and connect with
We learn better from those we like and trust


Marcus Affiliate Marketing Dude  is one of my go to trainers
Always generous with his trainings and he has a wonderful YouTube channel
I find him fun and very personable

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