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Africa avoids Covid disaster – scientists are mystified and wary
Nov 19 2021

“Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight Covid-19
that they have in Europe and the US,

but somehow they seem to be doing better,”
“Fewer than 6 per cent of people in Africa are vaccinated.
For months, the WHO has described Africa as
“one of the least affected regions in the world”

in its weekly pandemic reports.”

Global Social Transformation

South Africa With A Message To The World – Show Us The Virus!
Sars-CoV2 Isolation
Court Case – RSA

“The only proof of the existence of the virus, is the virus itself! This brave man, Ricardo Maarman, took the South African president, Mr. Ramaposa, to court recently over the absence of a virus. He exposes corruption in the government and justice system.”

About Us
“We are concerned South Africans who have decided together, to stand up for our country and our people. We demand answers from the Government specifically relating to the Pandemic and its resultant consequences both to our country and our liberties. Our efforts will not only benefit South Africa but humanity as a whole.

At the heart of our demand is the evidence of Sars-CoV2 virus purification and isolation. It is the reason and justification for all their actions.”


False pandemic africa
Sure looks like suspicious death. RIP
55 years old dies of cardiac arrest.
remember …. deep state has technology to induce heart attacks.
Dollar Vigilante discusses at 30min into video
July 1 2020