America Is A Hospital

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America is a Hospital
by Jon Rappoport
Jan 17 2022

“If you want to know why Americans no longer possess
the strength and will and character they once had, think about this:

America is one giant hospital.

I’ve explained that the explosive growth of modern medicine stems,
in large part, from a century of Rockefeller medicine:

Thousands of SO-CALLED diseases, each one SUPPOSEDLY the result of a germ. Each germ must be killed (by a drug) or prevented (by a vaccine).

Roughly 1 out of every 7 workers in the US is employed in the health care industry.
But it gets much worse than even that …. here’s a list of some of the health-related jobs that were NOT included in this estimate.”


This topic is a work in progress.
We are developing additional pages on
Humans taking Responsibility For their Health
Taking a deeper look into both
Exosomes and
A Century of Rockefeller Medicine
and in general many aspects of
Holistic Self Care on Individual level

These topics feel very relevant to these times of plandemics and biowarfare

As long as humanity trusts their health into the hands of
a global crime family bent on enslaving humanity

Humanity will be lost

Rise up humans!


It is extremely wise to stay out of the hospital:
The Hospital Protocol Is What Is Killing Covid Flu Patients