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America’s Frontline Doctors
“Our growing community of member physicians comes from across the country representing a range of medical disciplines and practical experience on the front lines of medicine.

The Time Has Come to Stand Up
Everyday our rights are being eliminated, our communities are being destroyed, and tyranny is being imposed under the false banner of safety.”

The Team

“We are a humanitarian outreach from America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). We help to amplify the voices of concerned patients and physicians to counter those who push any agenda other than what is in the best interest of the patient.”

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Dr Simone Gold
(Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors)

Hydroxycholoroquine Benefits
(this page has more resources for America’s Frontline Doctors)

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America’s Frontline Doctors website
Excellent Source of Important and Timely Resources

Dr. Simone Gold (America’s Frontline Doctors) – The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine (2021/01/04) |
She believes in vaccines in general and viruses, though.

Includes many important topics – these two in particular

Important discussion on Black and Brown people and facts about untruths about their risk.
Hydroxycholoroquine information – important

Global Social Transformation

The White Paper
America’s Frontline Doctors

People should never be pressured to comply with taking an experimental vaccine. This is becoming a very real danger. The coercion can be implemented by government legislation or through policy directives by large private and public corporations, including airlines, employers, schools, and other institutions. This type of assault on your medical privacy is invasive, aggressive, and unethical.

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Stop Medical Discrimination

Petition – Goal is to get one million signatures! 

The Petition To Stop Forced Experimental Vaccines is your opportunity to stand up and say NO to the pressure (legal, social or otherwise) to take an experimental vaccine.

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COVID-19 TREATMENT AVAILABILITY – doctors at America’s Frontline Doctors

Learn about options for you or your doctor to obtain or prescribe medication for COVID-19.

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Jan 29 2021
Del BigTree
“American’s Frontline Doctor, Orthopedic & Spinal Surgeon Lee Merritt, MD has stumbled upon a story so shocking that it’s impact is felt going back decades. Did Doctor Merritt just expose one of modern medicine’s long held assumptions?”
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