Angels are Real

ANGELS are real!  – at least this is what I have come to believe
A wonderful woman and author, Lorna Byrne has written best selling books on how
she has been seeing angels all her life.  Her mission here is to let us know Angels are real.
We each have a Guardian Angel and there are millions of Angels available to assist us.
We just need to ask!

Lorna offers to join us in prayer
“Years ago, the angels handed me a scroll and told me that when I was praying,
I should hold it in my hand and that the angels would join me in praying for everything
contained within it.”

You may add your prayers to her Scroll, just by going to her website

In 2019, Lorna was named as one of the
100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the world.

She has certainly powerfully influenced me.