Answered Prayer

At the core of Heart Plan Vision is

“Empowered Self Actualized Manifestation”

This “As Within So Without” is the power from which we will alter the course ‘we as a people’ are on.  To move out of Scarcity and Lack and move into Abundance and Wealth.

In all ways.

Know these truths
Embody these truths

Neville Goddard

“When satisfaction is yours, you no longer hunger for it. If the hunger persists you did not explode the idea within you, you did not actually succeed in becoming conscious of being that which you wanted to be. There was still that thirst when you came out of the deep.

If I can feel that I AM that which but a few seconds ago I knew I was not, but desired to be, then I am no longer hungry to be it. I am no longer thirsty because I feel satisfied in that state.

Then something shrinks within me, not physically but in my feeling, in my consciousness, for that is the creativeness of man. He so shrinks in desire, he loses the desire to continue in this meditation. He does not halt physically, he simply has no desire to continue the meditative act.”

“When you pray believe that you have received, and you shall receive.”