Archetypal Stories

 Here is a Resource of Stories to Help Us Make Sense of these Times


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“May the stories and resources here help guide you in your own journey
to the world you know in your heart is possible.

“Great Transition Stories is a virtual hub for archetypal stories of our world, which can help us make sense of these times. By bringing to light the deeper patterns we’re in and where they lead, we begin to have more choice in how we can consciously evolve our collective story towards wholeness, well-being, justice, beauty, and regenerative culture.

Our mission is to make sense of these times by illuminating the larger, often invisible, archetypal stories of our cosmos, our history, and our biology which help us understand the patterns we’re in and offer roadmaps for successful transformation.

Here we offer:

  • Core Principles: A context of core understandings about who and what we are and how the universe operates drawn from leading edges of physics, neuroscience, cosmology and spirituality

We live in a living universe. We are biocosmic beings interconnected with all other life. We are in a time of Great Transition on our planet where old patterns are dying and new paradigms are emerging. We each have the capacity and call to consciously participate in the co-creation of our future.

  • Patterns of Change: An overview of stories drawn from history, mythology, biology and psychology that are roadmaps for successful transitions that can guide us through these times of great change

These are Life’s great stories of transition. They name the processes of maturation and transformation that are reflected to us through physics and biology, developmental psychology and evolutionary history, quantum mechanics and our own sense of well-being and beauty. They serve as proven roadmaps to help us know where we are and guides to how we might move forward.

  • Emerging Stories: A curation of emerging stories already in the process of building new models for futures that we want to live in

Simultaneous with the collapse and disintegration of old systems, new possibilities and movements are burgeoning all around us. From the electrifying tectonic shift of  Women Rising to the regenerative environments of Permaculture that integrates earth, plants, animals, energy systems and people, these are the stories of well-being and wholeness we see emerging.

  • What to do: An array of pathways for restorying our personal stories, becoming engaged in growing emerging stories and co-creating a life-affirming future

It is easy to become lost in the constant barrage of conflicting news and paralyzed in the face of overwhelming and sudden change, especially when we are directly impacted by the growing number of climate disasters and social disruptions. And we all are.
How do we find our way through to a life-affirming future? What can we do to help evolve the story of humanity?


Great Transition Stories are a crucial part of the DNA from which we can co-create a future we want. They inspire and remind us. They guide and caution us. They make visible possibilities to embrace and pitfalls to avoid. We invite you to think of these times as being in and of transition. We are moving towards something. Often it is difficult to remember that’s so. It is easy to be overwhelmed by what’s going on in our world: climate disasters, demands for social and economic equity, mass murders, crumbling infrastructures. But there are also signs of incredible healing, light, joy, love, cooperation, and consciousness.”