Plandemic Inspired Music – A Collection

I Hope You’ll Find This Collection of Music Inspiring FREEDOM IS RISING! “Take back what was taken, All the lies are vacant We’re gonna tear them all apart, Let the truth invade our heart” IN JANUARY 2024 SHEMA CREATED A SUBSTACK TO GET THE WORD OUT MORE ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL COLLECTION OF SONGS AS COVID, […]

Courts Blocking Vax Mandates

We invite you also to check out our additional pages That have developing related information Push Back on Vax Mandates Vaccine Mandates Global Protests Note:  CMS is being mentioned frequently It stands for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Supreme Court Wipes Out Three Rulings Rejecting Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate Dec 26 2023 “The […]

Fall of the Cabal Documentary Series

FALL OF THE CABAL DOCUMENTARY SERIES Discover the criminal network that terrorizes humanity THERE ARE A FEW LOCATIONS ON THE WEB WHERE YOU CAN VIEW THE FALL OF THE CABAL SERIES THE LINKS TO EACH EPISODE ARE ALSO POSTED ON THIS PAGE For Additional Resources see our Page Down The Rabbit Hole For A Collection […]

Georgia Guidestones

July 6 2022 The Georgia Guidestones were vandalized by a bombing, and later in day crews fully leveled the pillars. What did the Georgia Guidestones say? The English portion of the inscription reads: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living […]

All Cause Mortality Data During Covid Period

Denis Rancourt expert testimony National Citizens Inquiry – Ottawa 17 May 2023 Studies of the COVID period using all-cause mortality data. See: and see: Dr. Denis Rancourt: Covid injections have killed 13 million people worldwide June 26 2023 Dr. Denis Rancourt’s research has shown that the vaccination campaign in India caused the deaths […]

The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1-26

Sign up Here to Receive E-Newsletter Issue 1:26 – March 22 2023 Free Speech and Supreme Court, Censorship, EcoVillages, Parallel Society, and More Conscious Intentional Communities Create A Vision So Much Bigger Than You Greetings Quantum Creating Humans! In This Issue Creating from the Quantum Field not from Matter EcoVillages – Conscious Intentional Communities Inspired […]

The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1-25

Sign up Here to Receive E-Newsletter Issue 1:25 – March 15 2023 Visions for Humanity, Expanding Literacy, Forgiveness, 5G, WHO, Ohio and More New Earth Designs Just 15 min a Day of Quality Study Greetings Digital Warriors! In This Issue Increasing Our Literacy Visions for Earth and Humanity – Differing Agendas New Graphics! Of Prime […]

Morgellons Disease

Clifford E Carnicom May 09 2009 “The term “Morgellons” refers to a condition that was originally perceived to manifest primarily as an anomalous skin condition. The visible symptoms commonly include skin lesions that resist healing and the presence of unusual filaments that emanate from sores and the skin in general.” Morgellons Research Foundation Revelations From […]

Declutter, Minimalism, Less Stuff

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion Of the things we most value And the removal of everything that distracts from it. It is a highly personal journey that forces us To identify and articulate our highest values. Because of that, It is always going to be practiced differently by each individual.” – Joshua Becker Joshua Becker […]

The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1-24

Sign up Here to Receive E-Newsletter Issue 1:24 – March 8 2023 STOP! WHO Power Grab – Good Overview, Ohio Cover Up – Chemical Weapon Released, Lockdown Files, and More, Rehearsal Changes Brain and Body The Quantum Field Responds To Who We Are Being Greetings Good People, Humanity Arising, A morning attunement practice Asking What […]