Black Lives Matter Perspectives

Emmanuel Dagher

When seeking to see the big picture.
Think for yourself, and connect the dots, in your own ways.
Come to your own understandings.
This is a complex topic.
The truth is different on each level.
–  Shema Satya

World Unity Week 2020

World UNITY Week
June 20-27th, 2020
Global Solstice Eclipse Meditation – June 20th
World Unity Ceremony – June 21st

Topics Covererd on this Page
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Watch a Never-Before-Aired James Baldwin Interview From 1979
David Icke discussing Racial Tensions June 2020

1 – Tommy Vext – What Is Black Lives Matter?  Who Owns It?  What the Fuck Is Actually Going On?
1-1 Let The Race Begin
1-2 Black Lives Matter – They Won’t Win – (They Want Civil War)
2 – There’s a growing call to defund the police. Here’s what it means..
2-1 Reimagining Justice:  A Primer on Defunding the Police and Prison Abolition
3 – Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.  The Hidden Story by Kerry Cassidy
4 – OK Let’s Talk About Racism by The Dollar Vigilante
4-1 – V For Vendetta Predicted The Entire Coronavirus Hoax… & Jeffrey Epstein’s Coroner is Now Floyd’s!
5 – Mark Cuban:  White People ‘Get Defensive’ When Talking About White Privilege
6 – The George Floyd Set Up (check out the series of questions asked!)
7 – The Sports Industrial Complex (Part 2):  Exposing the Cover Up With Larry Gaiters, 
A 3 part series in total – The Boule Black Secret Society – connecting Kobe Bryant
8 – Articles on Race Issues – a few additional perspectives
8-1 – Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written.  Black Americans have fought to make them true
8-2 – Tulsa Race Massacre:  This Is What Happened in Tulsa in 1921
8-3 – The Black Women Who Paved the Way for This Movement
8-4 – The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism
8-5 – How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter
9 – Relevant YouTube Channels & Websites for ‘Big Picture’ Black Culture Topics – Red Pill
10 – Statues Tumble
11- What Next?
11-1 Angela Davis: ‘We Knew That the Role of the Police Was to Protect White Supremacy’

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Watch a Never-Before-Aired James Baldwin Interview From 1979

“Buried by ABC at the time, the segment reveals a unique glimpse into Baldwin’s private life—as well as his resounding criticism about white fragility, as blisteringly relevant today as it was in 1979.

“White people go around, it seems to me, with a very carefully suppressed terror of Black people—a tremendous uneasiness,” Baldwin said. “They don’t know what the Black face hides. They’re sure it’s hiding something. What it’s hiding is American history.”

Black Lives Matter All










Rose / Icke IV We Will Not Be Silenced
A brilliant interview June 15 2020
Much discussed on topic of racial riots in America

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1 – Tommy Vext – What Is Black Lives Matter?  Who Owns It?
What the Fuck Is Actually Going On?

June 8 2020
Discusses connection between
MSM (main stream media) – owned by Rockefeller’s, Rothchild’s, Ted Turner, etc.
Black Lives Matter – death of black people from police brutality
Clinton Foundation, Soros, Antifa
Antifa (professional rioters and looters)

The main players (listed above) organize the protests, escalate the protests, and make money from the protests –
off of the African American community’s outrage
And further deplete the morality of the Unites States

Additionally, always ask with events like riots
Is it serving to distract from something else?

“Currently, during the George Floyd death related riots,
Hillary Clinton and buddies are being investigated, and on trail, for possible treason,
and THEY don’t want this on the news.  So DNC would not look good in upcoming election. 
So this becomes a huge gaslight*.”

*Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes including low self-esteem.

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1-1 Let The Race Begin
June 9 2020
A dialogue with Sacha Stone, Aaron Lewis, Sylvestre Gnakale, Imani Mamalution
Protests a great start, and then what.  Like a trumpet – a sound, something is coming
(per Aaron)
Imani does not believe in marches – do not give interest in what they are doing.
Imani feels marches do not change anything.
Abuse of children is the worst, they are our future.

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1-2 Black Lives Matter – They Won’t Win – Leadership bought & paid for
We who are genuine in our support for Black Lives Matter,
we need to know, we are all being played!
The Cabal wants civil war.
Black Lives Matter Is a movement bought and paid for by the Cabal
Soros, Gates, Obama, Southern Poverty Law Center Foundation
They use their Assets to start rioting, like Seattle, WA etc
The Cabal will keep pushing for Civil War.
Those that are rolling out the Covid scam, are the same behind Black Lives Matter.
We need to not fall for it all.
Very simple.
Call them on it!
Claim our Sovereign rights and Unity Consciousness

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Restructure Police

Some Suggest “Restructure” is a more appropriate word than “defund’

2 – Perspective
From CNN: “There’s a growing call to defund the police. Here’s what it means..”
June 2020

“Defunding the Police” means dismantling the idea that police are “public stewards” meant to protect communities.  Many Black Americans and other people of color don’t feel protected by police, explained Philip McHarris, a doctoral candidate in sociology at Yale University.

McHarris says divesting funds ends the culture of punishment in the criminal justice system. And it’s one of the only options local governments haven’t tried in their attempts to end deaths in police custody.  Trainings and body cameras haven’t brought about the change supporters want.

McHarris grew up in a neighborhood where there were “real, discernible threats of gun violence,” and he said he never thought to call the police — that was for his own safety.

Instead, he relied on neighbors who helped him navigate threats of danger.  What if, he said, those people could provide the same support they showed him on a full-time basis?

Would defunding police lead to an uptick in violent crimes?

Defunding police on a large scale hasn’t been done before, so it’s tough to say.  But there’s evidence that less policing can lead to less crime.  A 2017 report, which focused on several weeks in 2014 through 2015 when the New York Police Department purposely pulled back on “proactive policing,” found that there were 2,100 fewer crime complaints during that time.

The study defines proactive policing as the “systematic and aggressive enforcement of low-level violations” and heightened police presence in areas where “crime is anticipated.”  That’s exactly the kind of activity that police divestment supporters want to end.

To explain why he supports the idea, Isaac Bryan, the director of UCLA’s Black Policy Center, points to history:  Law enforcement in the South began as slave patrol, a team of vigilantes hired to recapture escaped slaves.  Then, when slavery was abolished, police enforced Jim Crow laws — even the most minor infractions.

And today, police disproportionately use force against black people, and black people are more likely to be arrested and sentenced.  “That history is ingrained in our law enforcement,” Bryan said.

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, said defunding the police means reallocating those funds to support people and services in marginalized communities.

Defunding law enforcement “means that we are reducing the ability for law enforcement to have resources that harm our communities,” Cullors said in an interview. “It’s about reinvesting those dollars into black communities, communities that have been deeply divested from.”

Those dollars can be put back into social services for mental health, domestic violence and homelessness, among others.  Police are often the first responders to all three, she said.
Those dollars can be used to fund schools, hospitals, housing and food in those communities, too — “all of the things we know increase safety,” McHarris said.”

Story source:  There’s a growing call to defund the police.  Here’s what it means.
There’s a Growing Call to Defund the Police.  Here’s what It Means. 
June 8 2020

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2-1 Reimagining Justice:  A Primer on Defunding the Police and Prison Abolition
June 11 2020 – Highly recommended reading list
“As demonstrations against racial injustice and police misconduct sweep the U.S., activists and scholars calling for massive decreases to police spending and deep, structural changes to the prison system have suddenly gained mainstream attention. To better understand the arguments for ‘defunding the police’ and abolishing prisons, explore this list of essential reading curated by political scientist Megan Ming Francis.”

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3 – Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.  The Hidden Story
A Perspective, by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot
June 3 2020

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4 – OK Let’s Talk About Racism
The Dollar Vigilante
June 7 2020
“How interesting that we are told each week what to talk about, argue about, be upset about.  It sort of minimizes the issue when EVERYONE is talking about it.  The answer is getting rid of government and police.  Purpose of Black Lives Matter is to keep blacks upset and think democrats will save them.

While discussing his support of police reform this book  came highly recommended.
A free PDF of the book is available.  “Market for Liberty”

Market for Liberty

This book explains how the world “could work” without government, police and central banks.  If we could have that, this world would be beyond paradise.   The Dollar Vigilante

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4-1 – V For Vendetta Predicted The Entire Coronavirus Hoax… & Jeffrey Epstein’s Coroner is Now Floyd’s!   June 3 2020
The Dollar Vigilante goes over some key controversies regarding George Floyd murder.

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5 – Mark Cuban:  White People ‘Get Defensive’ When Talking About White Privilege
June 10 2020

I remember the first time a black person called me out as having white privilege, I got quite defensive – and did all Mark Cuban mentions.  Now I just flat out admit it.  While continuing to help in all the ways I can. 
It’s important also, to include in the conversation, that the goal is to “pit us against each other” in a variety of ways.  They were losing on the CV front, pitting masked people against unmasked people.  So they had to pull out their ole favorite, the race card.
How about we just stop falling for it all?  And work together to vision and build a world that truly works for the good of all.  Because the world “they” are building, sure is not that.  It’s up to us, nobody is going to rescue us from this madness.
— Shema Satya, Heart Plan Vision

From the Mark Cuban article:  “I need all of us to really open up and talk to each other, even when it’s difficult,” Cuban said during his brief speech at the beginning of the event. “Even when it’s not something we’re comfortable with, particularly those of you who look like me, the white people. Because it’s hard to discuss race when you’re white.

“The reality is, to be brutally honest, when people talk about white privilege, we get defensive. We all have this mechanism that I call manufactured equivalency to try to protect ourselves. We’ll say, ‘I have a lot of black friends.’ We’ll say, ‘I grew up in a mixed community, so I’m not like that. I can’t possibly be someone who takes advantage of white privilege,’ and manufacture this equivalency.
“It’s incumbent on us to stop doing that, because that doesn’t move us forward when we do that. That’s part of having a courageous conversation.”
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6 – The George Floyd Set Up – some very interesting questions asked in this article
June 9 2020

“I think the real question that has to be asked is how fueling protests serves the Illuminati/Deep State agenda going forward. Because that is how they work. None of this takes away from the cause of protests over police brutality… Black lives do Matter, All Lives Matter. But what is happening is setting the stage for something else. — Kerry Cassidy

CONSPIRACY: When two or more people plot or conspire to do harm or mislead… = DEEP STATE”

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7 – The Sports Industrial Complex (Part 2):  Exposing the Cover Up With Larry Gaiters

Part 2 – free access
“Larry Gaiters, host of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio and expert in the occulted Black
#Secret #Societies, exposes one of the greatest cover-ups of the last century:  The Boule Society.  When did they begin, what is their purpose, and who is involved today?  Join Ben and Rob for this must-see, two-part interview as they dive deeper into the trillion-dollar empire of the #Sports Industrial Complex.”

WATCH FULL SERIES at Edge of Wonder TV – subscription service

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Part 1
The Sports Industrial Complex Part 1:  Bread & Circus

The modern day sports industry has an estimated worth of $1.3 trillion.  Are we naïve to think there are not major players controlling the game from the sidelines?  Could your favorite player be just another Illuminati asset?

In Part 1, join Ben and Rob on a journey through history as we discover the genesis and agenda of the modern day Sports Industrial Complex. Gladiators, we salute you!
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With the infiltration of ancient texts, do we know where the term Lucifer really comes from? What is the Lucifer-Satan connection?  How does the NBA tie into these religious concepts and why is the Chinese Communist Party and COVID-19 involved?
Are you ready to spiritually rumble?  Bishop Larry Gaiters is here to expose and exorcise the dark forces and their nefarious agendas.  Ben, Rob, and the Bishop take all the gloves off in this incredible 2nd-half interview.

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8 – Articles on Race Issues – a few additional perspectives

8-1 – Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make them true.
“The United States is a nation founded on both an ideal and a lie.  Our Declaration of Independence, approved on July 4, 1776, proclaims that “all men are created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  But the white men who drafted those words did not believe them to be true for the hundreds of thousands of black people in their midst.  “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” did not apply to fully one-fifth of the country.

Yet despite being violently denied the freedom and justice promised to all, black Americans believed fervently in the American creed.  Through centuries of black resistance and protest, we have helped the country live up to its founding ideals.  And not only for ourselves — black rights struggles paved the way for every other rights struggle, including women’s and gay rights, immigrant and disability rights.”

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8-2 – Tulsa Race Massacre:  This Is What Happened in Tulsa in 1921
“Tulsa was home to one of the most prosperous African American communities in the country. Businesses flourished along Greenwood Avenue — dubbed Black Wall Street, according to tradition, by the great educator Booker T. Washington. Residential neighborhoods spread out in a bustling community of several thousand souls.

In a little more than 12 hours, it was gone. White mobs invaded Greenwood intent on burning, looting and killing. This is what happened in the 1921.”

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8-3 – The Black Women Who Paved the Way for This Movement
June 9 2020

Today’s protests build on a long tradition of activism.
“In the 20th-century U.S., black-nationalist women—individuals who advocated for black liberation, economic self-sufficiency, racial pride, unity, and political self-determination—emerged as key political leaders on the local, national, and even international levels.”

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8-4 – The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism

“In The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism, Gerald Horne demonstrates that modernity arrived in the seventeenth century on the three horsemen of the apocalypse: slavery, white supremacy, and capitalism.  Through a focus on English colonial projects, he shows these phenomena to be inseparable and interlocking, rather than, for instance, separate pillars of a single structure..

For example, Horne shows how the American revolution of 1776, often understood as a liberal democratic rebellion, was less laudable: a merchant class of capitalists used the “democratic” spread of white supremacy to wrest wealth from a divinely ordained monarchy’s monopoly on slavery.  White supremacy, as Horne’s historical research shows, is a tool of capital accumulation.

Whiteness was used to justify the opening up of slave markets, the accelerated brutality of colonial and settler colonial genocide and extraction economies, and the solidification of a categorical “Other” underwriting the war logic that continues to define modernity.”

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8-5 – How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter
June 11 2020   By Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy | The New York Times

“Over the last two weeks, support for Black Lives Matter increased by nearly as much as it had over the previous two years, according to data from Civiqs, an online survey research firm. By a 28-point margin, Civiqs finds that a majority of American voters support the movement, up from a 17-point margin before the most recent wave of protests began.

The survey is not the only one to suggest that recent protests enjoy broad public support. Weekly polling for the Democracy Fund’s UCLA/Nationscape survey shows a significant increase in unfavorable views of police and an increase in the belief that African Americans face a lot of discrimination.

Perhaps most significant, the Civiqs data is not alone in suggesting that an outright majority of Americans agree with the central arguments of Black Lives Matter.”

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9 – Relevant YouTube Channels & Websites for ‘Big Picture’ Black Culture – Red Pill

YouTube Channel

Bishop Larry Gaiters Interviews on YouTube

Edge of Wonder YouTube Channel

Edge of Wonder TV

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10 – Statues Tumble

Hochschild has written about the conquest of the Congo in his King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa.
He said today: “As the impact of the video of George Floyd’s killing continues to ricochet around the world, one result has been an epidemic of toppling statues. In the United States, longstanding monuments to Confederate generals have fallen. In Belgium, statues of King Leopold II, the ruthless colonizer of the Congo, have been splashed with red or taken down, and in Australia a mountain range named after him lost its name. In Britain, a statue of Edward Colston, a Bristol merchant and slave trader, was tossed into the city’s harbor.”
Hochschild specifically mentions the statue of Edward Colston in his book on the British antislavery movement, Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves.
“When people get shocked by an injustice today,” says Hochschild, “it’s only natural that they look around and realize that, on all sides of us, we have symbols of injustices in the past. We would be shocked if Germany had statues of Hitler in prominent places, but Leopold, like Hitler, was responsible for millions of deaths. I sympathize with the Belgians who want to see him gone. Congo today still suffers from the legacy of its ruthless colonization, and some modern corporations — Unilever, for instance — have roots that go back to the forced labor system founded by Leopold. And in so many ways, in Britain, the United States, and other countries, we are still dealing with the heritage of slavery.”
Hochschild teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley, and is the author of ten books.  For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy.  June 15, 2020

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11 – What Next?

11-1 Angela Davis: ‘We Knew That the Role of the Police Was to Protect White Supremacy’
“The veteran civil rights campaigner on growing up in segregated America, the opportunity of the Black Lives Matter movement and what inspires her to keep fighting.”

“So what advice would she give the Black Lives Matter movement? “The most important thing from where I stand is to begin to give expression to ideas about what we can do next,” she says.”

“This is, of course, a big question, and a harder one to answer in the heat of growing protests around the world.  One thing Davis is clear on is that moments such as the burning of a police precinct in Minneapolis or the removal of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol aren’t the ultimate answer.”

“Regardless of what people think about it, it’s really not going to bring about change,” she says of the statue’s removal.  “It’s organising.  It’s the work.  And if people continue to do that work, and continue to organise against racism and provide new ways of thinking about how to transform our respective societies, that is what will make the difference.”

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