Boutique Epidemics

Emmanuel Dagher

I’m starting this webpage “Boutique Epidemics”
to gather the best videos that are deeply

questioning the validity of this Plandemic virus
drawing upon science and medical documentation.

I’m asking social media friends to share their best links with us
first requesting that they be sure to have watched videos of links sharing

Boutique in this sense meaning “Manmade / Contrived / Not Natural”

Global Social Transformation

Message to Humanity
There is strength in numbers
There are so many more of us than “them”
Whatever this “them” is that is seeking to
end the freedom and health of humanity
And coming down on us rapidly now

Dedicate and Unite to Uncover and Release the Truth

The Truth shall set us FREE!

The only thing to fear is fear itself!


Pandemic Hoax

$5K Reward for Proof of Diagnosis: Feeders at the Trough

Global Social Transformation


Dr. Rashid Buttar The Coronavirus Agenda –
What the Mainstream Media Don’t Want You To Know

And this action underway ….

Phase 5 of Digital Freedom Platform – legal actions underway against censorship!
Preparing Legal Arguments

Global Social Transformation

Covid Doctor Exposes HOAX


Plandemic Virus

It is up to Humanity to care enough to step forward
Share Information
Break through Cognitive Dissonance
Research and Think for Ourselves
And have the courage to act
Be brave
There is strength in numbers
Momentum is Building
Think 7 Generations Out
How will you answer to the children?
About how we chose to act during this time.

Cognitive Dissonance