* And One Day *


…. and one day she stepped out of her life
and did not look back


giving love to the past


flying out of the cocoon
that held her and nourished her


wings stretching
dancing on the wind

ready to explore



in the woman
she is now

—  Shema Satya

I love the synergy.
Next day after writing my new poem
I find a poem by Langer
Amazing in such complementary ways


* She Walks Away *


She walks away
changed, transformed,
beautiful butterfly
grown through strife.


Once she was but
a caterpillar struggling
to form her cocoon;
protecting self within.


Time and growth
enabling the change.
Now, free to fly
wherever she may.


Strengthened by strife
changed within self
transformed growth into
being a beautiful butterfly.


© Susan Langer

An American philosopher, writer, and educator 

Well known for her theories on the influences of art on the mind

First woman to be popularly and professionally recognized as an American philosopher

These poems were also shared in a Facebook post
Shema Inspirations 1 Album
#36 4.18.18 “A Year’s Journey Within”