Celebrate How Others See Us

Today I began making note of qualities people see in me
People who have been so kind to share with me. 

I offer to you to consider doing the same.
And here I am talking about how people see your wonderfulness. 
Yes!  We each have wonderful inside us.
And how special and dear it is,
when we have a friend who can articulate the qualities.

Jot them down! when these rare and special moments occur.
And return to review the list, especially when needing a reminder
of the jewel you are. 

Here are a few things a dear friend wrote of me.
This is the list I shall return to, when I need to cheer myself up,
and give myself a pep talk.

RX given to me by a friend.
Look at myself and love her!

My qualities
Spiritual and childlike, a rare combination
I am loved for my wisdom and playfulness
I am a source of love

Able to articulate so well
what others often
struggle with