China Cult Owned Revolt

“If You Want To See What’s Planned for the West,
Look at China Today.
China is Setting the Blueprint
For What’s Planned To Roll Out Throughout The Whole World”
– David Icke

Suddenly, after mass protests, China decides Covid is weakening
Perhaps People Rising Up and Saying No, Does Have Impact!

Covid is weakening, China state media claims, as major cities lift lockdowns
Dec 5 2022

Unnamed expert tells state media outlet Yicai that Covid could be downgraded from a category A disease to category C

Coronavirus is weakening and management protocols could be downgraded, an expert on China’s state media has claimed, after unprecedented protests last week led to a major shift in Beijing’s commitment to its zero-Covid policy.

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Challenging the Cult-Owned MONSTER: China –
Blueprint For Global Tyranny – David Icke Videocast

Dec 1 2022

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‘Covid’ Is Bollocks – And It’s Back – David Icke
Nov 21 2022

China Zero Covid Policy. 
Chinese Concentration Camps for Covid
PCR testing now a ritual almost daily
Secret Island Camp, if exposed to someone with Covid,
Spend 10 days at Camp in isolation

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Nov 28 2022

Nov 28 2022

“The popular defiance is a direct challenge to the Communist Party leader’s authority. Something dramatic happened in China over the weekend: The people fought back.

Citizens frustrated by years of oppressive COVID-prevention controls erupted in protest across China. In the western metropolis of Chengdu; Guangzhou, in the country’s south; and Nanjing, in the east, protesters called for an end to the lockdowns that have paralyzed lives and livelihoods. In the capital, Beijing, they yelled, “We want freedom!” In Shanghai, protesters called for the resignation of China’s leader, Xi Jinping.”

David Moser China

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Nov 27 2022

“Fox contributor Lisa Booth ranted on Sunday that the United States isn’t all that much better than China when it comes to taking away the freedoms of Americans who refuse to be vaccinated.

Nearly half of Democrats wanted to put people like me, who haven’t had a vaccine, in a government camp,” said Booth. She went on to complain that she couldn’t even go out to dinner at restaurants if she wasn’t vaccinated.”

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Domestically developed nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine granted emergency use authorization in Chinese mainland
Dec 6 2022

“VectorFlu ONE, a nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine, has been granted emergency use authorization in the Chinese mainland, its developer announced on Monday. Analysis of interim primary data from its Phase III clinical trial showed that the vaccine provided good protection against Omicron variant strains BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5.

The vaccine has been co-developed by Hong Kong University, Xiamen University and Wantai Biopharmaceutical Company.

On Monday, Wantai announced that China’s National Medical Products Administration agreed to its emergency use in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Vaccine Administration Law.

The vaccine is the only nasal spray vaccine that has so far validated its safety and broad-spectrum effectiveness in Phase III clinical trials, according to an announcement made by Xiamen University”

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