Understand the Big Picture While Claiming Our Power

Emmanuel Dagher

Here we shall share some opinion pieces and how to best manage these extraordinary times.

Shema is developing a perspective that it is just not one way.
December 2020

“It is important to understand the big picture, feel it, process it, and have our dark night of the soul with it.
AND THEN rise above it, while keeping in a love vibration. 
Feel the fears, and transmute them, through our understanding of our true beings, that of infinite consciousness.
At this point, it then becomes very important that we stand in our strength,
and not take fear based actions.  Rather, embody the practice of living in congruence.
The triggers are great right now.
But what if!  WE could feel into the plans of the cabal, and not be triggered.
What If!  In those moments of triggers we could transmute those fears!
And claim our true LIGHT and embody it.

What IF!  When we are face to face to  those in fear, those buying into and trusting the cabal’s agenda.
What IF!  We each find our unique ways to stay in love while the pain body screams. 

There is also the reality that we are dealing with deep trauma, individually and collectively.
This must be acknowledged and healed for us to move forward. 

So … While we deal with the truth that there is much trauma in our bodies that MUST be dealt with and healed.  It is also an imperative that we NOT spiritual bypass. 

WE, the collective we, have a big task at hand.
Face and heal our traumas.
Understand and digest the reality of the cabal’s dark agenda.
Transmute the fear, through realization of our true LIGHT within.
And then get to work on building the New Earth Grid. 
WE CAN DO IT ALL, I believe.”

Global Social Transformation

They Are Scared, they have a reason to be, (Elizabeth April)
Dec 1 2020
Elizabeth, in this video, encourages us to focus on the perspective that humans ultimate task is to bring unity to the universe.  So let us focus on that and not so much the cabal fear tactics.  
Important interview on this page with Patrick Wood