Core Wound Beliefs


In the Healing Journey
Core Wound Beliefs do surface as more awareness awakens within
These Beliefs began long ago, in early childhood
We live now as if they are true

As I have identified some of my Core Wound Childhood Beliefs
I have been learning how to Reframe them into Truth Affirmations

Here are some of my core beliefs with reframe to truth affirmations
I hope this inspires you to help Reframe your own Core Beliefs


Childhood ‘story’  I’m Unloveable
Reframe to
I see and feel myself as totally loveable.  I treat myself with love and kindness

Childhood ‘story’  There Is Not Enough Love
Reframe to
I am feeling there is ample abundant love in my life and in all of life

Childhood ‘story’  No One Cares for Me
Reframe to
I am feeling I totally care about Me!  I feel I am very special and deserve to be nurtured

Childhood ‘story’  Despair
Reframe to
I am feeling so much hope in our lives and I am inspired and confident to happily and safely self express

Childhood ‘story’  I Am Not Enough
Reframe to
I know in my heart I Am Enough, I Am a child of a most Loving Creator who bestows me with Abundance and Overflowing Goodness