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Covid Deepening the Spiritual


Quo On The Earth Quarantine And The Coming Shift To the New Earth
Restrictions to Walking in Nature Areas

Sermon on the Mount
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Governments Lie

Quo On The Earth Quarantine And The Coming Shift To the New Earth
July 13 2020  Brian Scott

Really Interesting material
to broaden approach and perspectives regarding these times


Global Social Transformation

Restrictions to Walking in Nature Areas

…. regarding more nature access denied …

a new normal intensifies …. April 1 2020 ….. and no, not April Fools
Sheriff standing guard at entrance to nature areas … turning hikers away
we’re told ‘shelter in place’ to go on for another month

Shema “I have relied heavily on nature to help me connect with my inner God. and now I am having to go ever deeper inside. The ‘Fire’ taught me home is within. and now the lessen is going even deeper.”

“In the rush to return to normal,
use this time to consider
which parts of normal are
Worth rushing back to”
– Dave Hollis
Over Grow the System

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Shema “Turning to my favorite book ‘The Sermon on the Mount’
I am reminded to concentrate my prayers upon whatever
I wish to demonstrate at the moment.

For I know God listens and responds.
I have surrendered my ego to God,

and do so over and over again.
My first thought is ‘If the Lord wills’
“God is the doer and we God’s instruments.”
in humility I am reminded to realize that God
and God’s power


Global Social Transformation



April 7 2020
Note to a friend

What I find the most challenging, is how convinced each video and person presenting material is in their perspective. or at least quite often they speak with such authority.

So today motivated me to put a disclaimer on my pages. Inspired by someone who posted online with comment, “You people are out of your minds!”

My progress is I’m starting to be able to laugh some. Instead of taking people’s shock reactions too personally. That is helping me.  It is liberating to release attachment to how people receive information.

And now, I have my disclaimers.

Please Pause a Moment
This material may shock you if the material is new to you.
A comment I am hearing from some is,
“You people are out of your minds!”

My response …. well, time will tell. We shall see.
In the meantime, sending love into the field.
I shall be more than happy that all this is wrong.
In the meantime, it is my hope everyone takes good care of themselves,
and continue your own research.
“the Lie is different at every level, as is the Truth”

And in the meantime … don’t lose your sense of humor.
and do not go into fear.
We are in a playground.
There is a reason we all are here at this time.


Heart Plan Vision Disclaimer
We present
Multiple narratives, none of which are known to be fully trusted,
possibly each unreliable to some degree
and so it is up to each person to do their own comparative research.
You Decide!


Global Social Transformation


This Page is an Offshoot from our Main Covid Research Page that is rapidly evolving
Research Sources
This Research page also lists the links to other related pages we are developing
with intent to help deepen awareness and lend support towards clarity of action
Launched this page March 2020


Global Social Transformation


April 7 2020 – Governments Lie

What I do hold to be true though, is that governments LIE and have for a very long time.
Examples being … JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., 9-11, Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

We seem to tolerate behavior from our governments, that we would not tolerate from our personal relationships.  It is my hope that many of us become like mama bears, strong and intent to protect her baby cubs. and those baby cubs are humanity and humans.

Pandemic Research

We are riding a wave of momentum right now. I hope enough people recognize it and engage. I heard a phrase yesterday that rings true to me.

“Governments that instill fear in the population are acting as terrorists. Instilling fear is terrorism.” that’s deep.

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Kyron May 2020 Big Changes
Video posted April 26 2020

6 Changes Are Mentioned

Shema listening to this May 11 2020
and is noticing a relaxation in her belly
The message is soothing

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