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Hello my friend, Thank you for reaching out during the insanity of the “shelter in place” virus craziness.  I appreciate your reflections, in how, we are creatures that can get addicted to drama.  Like we are the actors in some Hollywood Sci Fi thriller.  Or a Netflix series, where we get hooked into binge watching, because they play us to wonder what will happen in the next show.

We are in deep Sh%^ – ‘they’ are taking our freedom away. You’re tracking the conspiracy stuff pretty well.  We are the frogs slowly boiling in the pot of hot water. Accepting that our lives are getting smaller and smaller.

I’m happy to hear you being up front with this. So many won’t even talk on this level. So I applaud you.  Usually in the online business world, everyone is so rosy and focused on making money and delivering value, and showing off their brand new fancy cars, or their laptop beach lives.  Or more real, more often than not, grinding away at 14 hour work days.

Don’t get me wrong.  These are ‘my people’.  And I still dream of my laptop beach life.  It’s just, that right now, I’m a little distracted.  In a big way.  Wondering just how much freedom I will still have, once this virus PLANdemic subsides.

I feel pretty alone, hard to find anyone who even has “Deep State” in their vocabulary.  Actually, I’ve started to call them the “Dark State”.   As it does pretty much look like there is a war going on, that we do not even see.  Dark against Light.  Fear vs Love.  Freedom vs Slavery.

I have my own Research page that has been growing rapidly this last month as an Orwellian type state is unfolding within our very lives.

What I do know is the insanity of the sheriff blocking me from walking my favorite trail in nature.  Scaring me that I might get a ticket that I can’t afford to pay. That in Australia you can’t lay on the sand at the beach. They will fine you.

That business in Vancover have their store fronts boarded up – for what?  What’s coming next?  That there are tanks in L.A. – waiting for what?

What I know is that my housemate and I can’t even talk to each other anymore, and it’s only been 2 weeks in lock down.  And there is at least another nightmarish month ahead.

What I know is that we didn’t pay rent this month. That people are now afraid of each other.

Social creatures that we are – our ability to connect now being stripped from us.

I understand you speaking of addiction.  And at the same time my concern is real and valid about what impacts mandatory vaccinations could have on people, along with how they can interface with 5G and AI (Artificial Intelligence).  This is not conspiracy.  Do your own research, please, I beg you.

‘They’ are scamming us into so much fear that we (not I) will line up for mandatory vaccines, that will very well have poison in them.  My Research webpage is starting to document what is known so far about their evil little plans with Covid vaccines.

And there will be 2 camps, vaccinated sheeps, and non-vaxers that are demonized.  Apologies to those I may have just alienated, who feel I have just called them sheep.  “Sheep” behavior – when one sheep moves, the rest follow.

Well, consider “they” have won once again, in their age old “us against them” strategy.  Succeeding brilliantly in pitting us against each other.

Covid is the cover.

I don’t think this is fear porn. There really is a plan to destroy small business and just have a few major business’ – Amazon example.  And all the rumors going around about a ‘financial reset’.  Well who is behind all that, and do they really care about ‘us’.  Covid is making it so convenient – collapse economies, to the point where the whole system has to be rebooted.  And out of the reboot could be a digital currency, perfect for the controllers.  For if we do not behave correctly, they could just digitally turn off our income.

I don’t buy into fear of the virus. The fact that the system does not encourage us to build up our immune system is suspect.  Once again proving their profit motive.  And they keep us from sunshine, which is free and can make us strong and resilient.  And why are so many holistic doctors dying suspiciously, especially ones with cures for cancer?  Not much profit in healing one’s cancer quickly.  But I digress.

Yes my research, may be a bit of addiction, yet I do need to know what is going on. So I don’t allow 5G in my neighborhood, and I don’t get a 5G phone, and especially get the word out to protect children and their developing brains from 5G.

And no smart meter on my home. etc. and no vaccination that will weaken me further.

It used to be easier for me to be silent, trying to preserve the little life that I did have.  But this Covid insanity and the lock down.  That has proved to be my breaking point.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”.  They have taken from me too much this time.  I shall be silent no more.

Thank you my friend, I really do appreciate you.
You are the most “real” coach I have!  Bless you and your family.

April 4 2020

Global Social Transformation

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