Covid PCR Tests, Dr Kary Mullis

Dr Kary Mullis quote

“Covid PCR Test Can Produce 90% False Positives”

“PCR Can’t Be Used To Test for Viral Infection”
Dr Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Kary Mullis, whose invention of the PCR technique,
earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993,
died of pneumonia on August 7, 2019.
He was 74 years old.
Just months before the whole Covid-19 issue arose.
And so he could not shed light on
The PCR Pandemic,
That became the base to justify the lockdowns that began in 2020

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The PCR Pandemic, on this page we show highlights of how the Covid testing evolved, beginning March 2020, including toxicity of the actual tests.

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A Crash Course On The Covid PCR Test
Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM)

Great 6 min video
And transcript covering topics
REFERENCES – A Crash Course On The Covid PCR Test
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Dr Kary Mullis – Inventor of PCR Test,
Tanzania, Colleges

Emergency Use
“Mandating products approved for emergency use violates federal and state law since Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) means the products are investigational and experimental. Federal and state law is very clear that mandates are illegal for EUA products. Both the RT-PCR test and all COVID vaccines are not FDA-approved; they are available under an EUA.”

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The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci’s Most Notable Critic…
4 min video – important

Was Kary Mullis MURDERED? Is Fauci FLEEING the country?
Will justice FINALLY be Done?!?

Kary Mullis awarded Nobel Prize for invention of Polymenase Chain Reaction (the PCR)

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Head of CDC Finally Admits PCR Tests Aren’t Reliable
Dec 29 2021

The creator of the PCR test Kary Mullis said that the PCR test is not an accurate way to test for a virus years ago, long before the first outbreak of Covid-19. The test, if turned up past a 30 cycle threshold value, will give false positives for any virus.

And now, according to CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, PCR tests often produce a large amount of false positives.

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Kary Mullis: PCR Test Inventor Calls Dr Fauci A Fraud
2 min video

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False-positive PCR process used to create a fake pandemic
Alexander News Network -Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s substack
Jan 29 2024

“How over-amplified PCR process was used with deceit of asymptomatic spread to drive creation of a fake fraud non-COVID pandemic; COVID was never a pandemic & we were always immune; they

created a pandemic out of nothing & in so doing, drove hysteria, fear, panic & complaceny & acceptance of masks, lockdowns & vaccines that the body of evidence shows never ever worked! Nothing worked

COVID was a PCR created non-pandemic, based on the lie of the PCR ‘positive’ and the lie of asymptomatic spread. These two aspects created a false fake pandemic. All of COVID was a lie, 100% lie, nothing was true and nothing they did worked, nothing. All containment measures, all lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, business closures etc. failed, not one worked, none! No data or science today shows that any of these measures worked, anywhere, other than to harm populations.”

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Kary Mullis Ultimate Compilation of His Best Clips & Interviews Is This Why They Killed Him
2hr 50min in depth conversations, quite a bit about HIV and Aids
Cue up to 2hr 48min where Dr Mullis is asked about the misuse of the PCR, it’s actually a misinterpretation. 

“PCR, It doesn’t tell you if you are sick, or if the thing you ended up with is going to hurt you.”

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Analysis of test sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic – confirmation of genocide
April 28 2021

“key words – 1) nylon, 2) Darpa Hydrogel, 3) lithium, 4) pineal gland

The analysis was performed in the months November 2020 to March 2021 on test sticks in sets. SD Biosensor, Abbott and Nadal in an unnamed hospital laboratory from Bratislava, Slovakia. The test swabs were from the sets used in surface testing in Slovakia and in hospitals.

Anyone who has at least a standard school microscope and a test microscope can verify the information regarding the test swabs published here. All information about test swabs, Darpa Hydrogels, and lithium is publicly available in scientific and corporate work. Links to some are at the end of the document.

From this information it is clear that test sticks are a criminal tool of genocide in the population of Slovakia. This is a worldwide, thoughtful and carefully prepared event.”

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It is NOT a Conspiracy THEORY if They (Government) are Truly Trying to KILL YOU: PCR Swabs are Coated With Ethylene Oxide
A Known Deadly Carcinogen Which Can Change our DNA
June 6 2021

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June 2 2021

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March 19 2021 – still to listen to video (posted to Telegram)

Here are notes on the video replay page:

“When looking at the PCR test kit swabs under a microscope they appear to have nanotechnology embedded in the cotton tip of the swab. That would be the reason THEY perform the test with their swabs rather than you simply dropping off or mailing in your own cotton swab rubbed inside your cheek, as all DNA Test kits already do. So far many test kit swabs have been found with nanofibers or nanodust.

Under a microscope, the fibers look and act exactly like the nano-fibers found in people suffering from Morgellon’s Disease, which turned out to be a type of living and growing antenna that was contracted by breathing chem-trail fallout.

The government will not let people take NON-INVASIVE COVID-19 tests which would consist of spitting into a test tube, or slightly more invasive consisting of a drop of blood from a finger prick. The government requires people to get the nasal cavity swab or anal swab so they can implant these nano-tech fibers that are attracted to body heat.

It is thought these nano-fibers and nano-dust will be what turns the human body into an antenna that works in conjunction with the mRNA Vaccine and 5G as part of the NEW WORLD ORDER Control System known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism, and the Internet of Things.

Once you are awake to the fact there is NO NOVEL CORONAVIRUS, that 5G was being installed throughout the entire year-long lockdown period as an essential business, that the mRNA Vaccines are called OPERATING SYSTEMS by Moderna and GENE THERAPY by Pfizer, and that Bill Gates, a computer guy that created the Windows Operating System, is now the mRNA Vaccine Czar, hopefully that is enough to Wake You Up before you take the Covid19 mRNA Vaccines.

Bill Gates has called the mRNA Experimental Vaccine by the term THE FINAL SOLUTION. Since his father was a EUGENICIST and one of the creators of PLANNED PARENTHOOD, you may want to start thinking for yourself.

Once you ring that bell which consists of getting a PCR Test and the mRNA Jab, there is NO UNRINGING THAT BELL.

Your new MARK OF THE BEAST will make you a Human 2.0 Operating System Upgrade which is really a PERMANENT DOWNGRADE.

Don’t do it, do the research and don’t be a Sheeple!”

Dr Kary Mullis quote