Covid and Covid Vaccines An Overview

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COVID and COVID Vaccines An Overview

This is part of our 14 Topic Overview Series “The Real Agenda Body of Research”


Before Listing Out The Body of Our Research – I Share Here Information
That Has Come Out July 2023

A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After Covid-19 Vaccination
July 6 2023 Published

Peter McCullough MD the Vax the Cause of deaths

Also reference our overview page:  Death by Covid Vax An Overview

Since the inception of the Plandemic in early 2020
We have been researching and gathering vital information

With the intention to shed Light, Truth and Awareness on the Bigger Picture
For the reasons for global lockdowns and terrorizing earth’s peoples
with great fears of pandemics, including a huge host of lies spread through the media

Within this page of “Covid and Covid Vaccines An Overview”
We offer a range of subjects to help in your broadening scope of understanding
And also a historical perspective of how information emerged and progressed
during the plandemic

Through awareness comes greater empowerment
It is our hope and intention that these resources inspire you
To further your own studies and research
Coming up with your own assessments

And most especially
To be so much wiser and empowered
as further control measures emerge
during this pivotal time in our history


Masks and Children Detrimental Effects

Masks Heed These Warnings

Best Resources on Masks Do They Work

Corona Testing

Covid PCR Tests, Dr Kary Ellis

Asymptomatic People Not Contagious


Students Schooling Colleges Covid Vax

Vaccines Important Information

HIV AIDS and Covid Vaccine Connections

Omicron Variant Perspectives

Abstracts and Scientific Papers Relating to Covid

Vaccine Updates 2021


Protection from Vaxx Shedding

Post Vaccine Treatment Resources

Pure Blood Demands Skyrocket


Courts Blocking Vax Mandates

Push Back on Vax Mandates

Vaccine Mandates Global Protests

Truckers Protest Mandates


Covid and Vax Questions to Ask Friends

Covid Diaries

Covid Letter to A Friend

Corona Where Is the Hope?


The following are the earliest pages we were creating
Information was coming in fast and furious
It took a year or so to gain a hold on better organizing it all
We continue to design improved ways to format the information
So people are quickly see at a glance
An overview of the plandemic, the big picture, and where we go from here

March 2021 Video Resources

Covid Articles Headlines 2020

Research Videos in Queue

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