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Emmanuel Dagher

Max Igan and his website The Crowhouse
Grateful for all the important work he is doing to help inform the public
as to Big Picture issues urgent for us to face

Max Igan has long been a voice of reason in these times of end-game madness. Max’s perceptive insights into the world of geopolitics have made him one of the most sought-after speakers within the truth media, while simultaneously earning him the status of “most-censored” amidst the present climate of unprecedented information inversion and suppression.

As a radio host, musician, artist and film-maker Max is the curator of his website, ‘The Crowhouse’, a depository of his immense body of work including thought-provoking videos, music and projects.

Max feels that what happens in America is echoed strongly in his Australia homeland, and if America falls from within, then so will his country fall. For this reason Max remains outspoken in the name of what is right, regardless of the consequences.

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You Have To Walk The Path Of The Warrior | NEW MAX IGAN 2021
6 min video

This is a temporary birthing pain

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A Genocide is Happening in Northern Australia
Nov 24 2021 – Max Igan, Crowhouse

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Max Igan Crowhouse – Bitchute Channel
Max’s Videos can be found here
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Max Igan – 5 min segment

While You Were Preoccupied ….
June 16 2020
The Crowhouse

Push Back
We Could Change the World In A Day
Stop Tolerating Wrong Behavior
Ask to provide proof that the rules are for our safety
You will most likely find that they can’t

20 min into video
Shopping Malls – new rules, not legislation
Heat Tracking Sensors
Herding people around like sheep

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Prepare Yourself for What is Coming
The Crowhouse
July 23 2020
Important information about testing
Testing company called Ipsos Mori
Latin for THEY DIE
Mobil testing truck having a symbol on side of truck
Of god of death

18 min video of Trump saying vaccine will be ready soon and deployed by military
21min upcoming food shortage
24min the sleeping masses will lead people to the slaughter pit
In end times friends and family will be torn apart
Get to high ground, take care of yourself
A war going on, a war of depopulation
An opportunity is here
Look at how society has been set up for this fall
Seize this opportunity to be free
Have a plan B-
30min 5 year plan – it is in their document, goes from 2020 to 2025
33min Max has no fear of death, glad to be here for the freak show
Have no fear and no stake in the outcome – Max Igan

Thank you Max Igan for this photo in the video

god of death

 More on testing on our page Corona Testing

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