Dangers to Humanity

Emmanuel Dagher

Book by Cyrus Parsa – Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity
Cyrus Parsa “Conclusion from book is how China Threatens all the worlds citizens”.

Global Social Transformation

Worlds People in Danger by China and Big Tech:  Including Bio-Disease,
Published August 24th 2019, Timeline of Warnings by Cyrus, Media Ignored

Timeline as cited on AI Organziation website
“Spring 2019 Report Given to Secret Service:  China and Big Tech Endanger All Worlds Citizens with AI, Bio-Engineering, and if not checked within 1-2 Years they can threaten all the worlds citizens.

June 2019.  62 Page Report Given to Former Director of CIA Cover OPS:  China and Big Tech Threaten All the Worlds People.

August 24th, 2019 Published Book “AI, Trump, China & the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G:  China and Big Tech Threaten All the Worlds Citizens, Including Manufacturing of Bio-Disease.  No Media Would Pick up the books, many plagiarized Cyrus’s work without citing.”

Global Social Transformation

How Elon Musk Endangers The World With A.I. 5G Cyborg Experiments and China Relationships
A.I. Organization with Cyrus A Parsa,  March 25 2020  Episode 7
Does Elon Musk Endanger all the worlds citizens, including the White House, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and Pentagon with his Neuralink, Cyborg experiments and China Communist Party Business Relationships?”

Global Social Transformation