David Icke

David Icke
Writer, Author, Public Speaker
Has View of Big Picture Issues on Earth
Masterful and articulate with Connecting the Dots
Referenced as “the Dot Connector”


Videos of David Icke interviews, being reviewed by Shema
With Highlights of sections of Videos of particular importance and emphasis

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Global Social Transformation

David Icke discusses theories and politics with Eamonn Holmes
As of Jan 2020 this video had 1.7 million views on YouTube
A few Highlights

20-23 min.  AI and human mind assimilated
Where before “THEY” controlled our perception by controlling information
Now perception come direct from AI
Perhaps by 2030

25 min. Global Warming a scam and hoax
Climate Change is Always Happening

28-29 min.  The solution – WE need to gain control at the center to save the planet
And cease The centralization of power so as to have power to concentrate a dictatorial system