Death By Ventilator and Remdesivir

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Please investigate,
when you see headline news saying
someone has died from covid, while in the hospital.

It is being discovered,
often these people have been
put on a ventilator and given remdesivir,

And these treatments have been proven all wrong
for treating covid symptoms.

In some cases, and perhaps many cases,
It is really death by ventilator and remdesivir

Not death by Covid

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Dr. Bryan Ardis Has a Message for Potential Whistleblowers
About Covid Protocols in the Hosptial

Oct 10 2021

Dr. Ardis explains to whistleblowers how to report exactly whats happening using Remdesivir and ventilators in hospitals and how to advocate for your loved ones to get them Ivermectin if the hospital refuses.

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COVID WORLD WAR  The Orderly Holocaust – Death By Ventilator
Oct 30 2021

The treatments are all wrong.
Combine Ventilator with Remdesivir and it is a death sentence

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Do your own investigation, see what you conclude
And take some empowered action

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