Global Social Transformation


We are being deceived on so many levels.
And the plans that are in store for us are not good

Global Social Transformation

Could we use this Lock Down to reflect on our lives
and the direction we’ve been on?

Could we not go into fear?
Could we gain new perspective and greater clarity
for empowered actions?

Global Social Transformation

As The Divine Feminine Awakens

By @abigail.wainwright
“As our consciousness evolves,
we will find we can no longer participate in any dynamic
where we are not being truly valued,
being used, dishonest behaviors, cheated in any way,
allowing social media distortions,
having compassion mistaken for weakness
& being treated in ways that compromise integrity.

As the divine feminine awakens,
she steps away from all karmic energy & no longer allows herself
to be treated as an option.
There is currently a wave of divine feminines
who have done tremendous healing work
reclaiming their true power & sovereignty.”


Global Social Transformation


Message from Jon Rappoport to His Readers
“Readers have been asking how they can help.
Listen to the presentation, send out the link to others.

Exposing the COVID-19 covert operation is more important every passing day.”


The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport
A 3 part audio series posted on The Solari Report
Posted April 1 2020

“A step‐op is one in which the bad guys keep going, one intrusion after another. It isn’t just West Nile, it’s West Nile, then SARS, then Bird Flu, then Swine Flu. It”s all one package, with the idea, in this case, that they’ll slowly wear down the resistance and people will buy in, will buy the story, the lie. They want to people to OBEY. That’s the whole essence of this op. OBEY. It isn’t only about fake epidemics and getting vaccines. It’s about operant training in OBEYING. Get it? In general. Obey us. We command, you go along.” ~ Ellis Medavoy in interview with Jon Rappoport, from The Matrix Revealed

By Catherine Austin Fitts – thanks to Catherine for sharing these recordings on her Solari Report.

“Jon Rappoport has been covering the allegations and events regarding the coronavirus and Covid-19 since they first hit the headlines. Check out his columns at his website NoMoreFakeNews.com.

Jon just recorded three episodes that he wanted to make available to the public. Here they are!”
Available to replay and download


In Part 3 Jon Rappoport begins with discussing IF virus was WEAPONIZED
“Education system that doesn’t teach people to think
Epidemic Model can be a spring board from which other societal changes can be made
This Pandemic Illusion is a DEFINING MOMENT because there are people that want to use it this way”

“The Epidemic Pandemic Covert Op – ultimate aim to build a better world
Covid Ultimate Aim to create illusion of:
The one Disease, The one Cause, The one defining moment
Seeding emotions of people and now better able to control
Through Smart Cities
Create Smart / Safe Cities so to avoid the dark world of the pandemic
Technocratic world is a world of slavery – make no doubt about it
Technocratic world is a world of control, made to look comfortable, made to look pleasant, made to look much improved over the dark world, as long as people behave, as long as people simple do what they are supposed to do – easier, more pleasant, safer
Reference book “Brave New World” by Huxley
Technocratic utopia”
and movie “Things to Come”


“No matter what kind of world is being laid out before us – what stands outside of it is your Creativity and Imagination, Your vision of the best thing that you want for the future, in your terms, the highest values, most thrilling creation of your own, not part of fear, virus, pandemic, fear porn – nothing to do with that.  It’s your power.”

Along with Article
“People Dying Equals Coronavirus?  An Engineered Virus?”
by Jon Rappoport
March 30, 2020

“Social Implications from this Lock Down – Post Pandemic
Less contact with people
More lock downs
Control and pacify populations more easily
Heightened Medical Surveillance
“The Internet of Things” Spy and regulate our behavior
Smart cities – wall to wall surveillance everywhere
Universal Income and Credit Score connected to regulate behavior and money adjusted”

Global Social Transformation

Before going into more detail on this page – this David Icke video
is currently BREAKING NEWS!

And answers many of the questions and considerations addressed on this page

‘Covid 19’ and 5G – What’s The Connection? The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast
Latest Update –  a must watch!
Mind BLOWN – still studying this video – but want you to be aware of it – notes coming soon
Posted to YouTube April 2 2020
Does Covid-19 actually exist???

Global Social Transformation

This Max Igan video is also excellent – done in a ‘heart centered’ conversational style

The “Response to Covid-19” is a Plan for One World Government
Max Igan @ The Crowhouse
29 min video – uploaded April 2 2020
“Find our own remedy by reconnecting with our hearts and people around us”
Highly Recommend this video – highlight notes coming

Global Social Transformation

this could very well be one of our more controversial posts re: Covid-19

Breathe deep before diving in here

This Section is an Expansion from our Main Page “Research Sources”

Here we toss into the mix – challenging things to consider
during this Coronavirus PLANdemic Rabbit Hole

We begin this post April 1st 2020

Ingest the Information and Formulate Your Own Conclusions
by doing your own research




Global Social Transformation

The perception, in the absence of judgment,
with a view to obtain spiritual guidance and understanding

Global Social Transformation


Let us! do our best to stay open minded and re-consider:  Covid-19
and ASK –  What TRUTH is there to the fear and fright the Media is dishing out?

If it turns out we are being “played” ???
Then we must ASK!  What is really going on?  and Why?

The following is Information being disseminated online
We encourage you to research these yourself
Gather together with Researchers in Health, Science
and other Specialty Fields
Get their perspective and Reflect on what it all means to you

Just consider some of this information could be slipping through the Matrix,
in hopes to Awaken us

While ALSO realize some information could be PLANTED by the “DARK STATE”
“WE” need to become masters in DISCRIMINATION
Do your own research before giving your Trust to someone


To help with our own ” Mental and Psychological Sanity”
Arjuna Ardagh has some helpful reflections on how to deal with …..

“Multiple narratives, none of which can fully be trusted – each unreliable to some degree”
(coming soon – a link to page with more on this – for now it is in the Post “Research Resources”)

Global Social Transformation



What really is Covid?
This section is vitally important.
Please study this material being presented here.
Not just for the issue of Covid but also for understanding
that healing cures are being suppressed.
It’s time for this suppression of truth to end.
We need to stop being afraid to speak out and
it is time to demand we have access
to the healing cures that are available now,
and have been available for years.
It is time to end the profit motive
in the medical and pharmaceutical industries
at the grave expense of our health and well being!

Global Social Transformation

Dr. Robert O. Young:  5G and Corona What Is A Virus?
Interview by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot – April 2 2020
“Long term goal is to take back our individual freedom of free choice.
There are 2 theories – germ theory and terrain theory.
A virus cannot be weaponized.
Germs are symptoms of disease.
The breakdown of products in inner terrain are causing the disease.
External toxins enter body and create internal toxic environment (terrain).
It’s not a germ problem – It’s a terrain problem.
5G can target individuals and and be used for crowd control.
5G is a weapon that very few of us will survive.
And if you add vaccinations to that, if they are mandatory,
the population of this planet will be severely reduced.
Dr Young has product that cures – see his website.
Cures have been suppressed.  His work is being suppressed.
Mandatory vaccinations are a fundamental threat to our freedom.”

Global Social Transformation

Video: A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures
This video was referenced on David Icke website
“Physician utterly demolishes the ‘covid-19′ test’ and the very existence of the ‘virus’ – an absolutely must-watch,  Andrew Kaufman M.D.”
“Exosomes are discussed in detail.
Quoting James Hildreth MD “… the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word”.
Treatments that are working discussed – Hydroxychloroquine & Vitamin C.
Dr Kaufman offers his insights on what is really causing this outbreak.
He sees no evidence of a virus.  Covid-19 is actually Exosomes.
The function of Exosomes is to help remove body of toxins.
Covid is not a virus from the outside, it is Exosomes from within your body
to help you, as they soak up the toxins in your body, so they can be
safely removed by your body, so you can recover.”


Global Social Transformation


ARE VIRUSES LIVING?   (Scientific American 2008)
“Viruses today are thought of as being in a gray area between living and nonliving: they cannot replicate on their own but can do so in truly living cells and can also affect the behavior of their hosts profoundly.”

Some sources are saying that Viruses are not alive
and can only be INJECTED into us

These sources imply that these toxic injections are coming through Vaccines



Be Leary (wary and suspicious) of any Mandated Vaccines!
And please! respect people’s rights to not be vaccinated
if they believe there are poisons in the vaccines.

Please refer to Dr Robert Young
Dr. Robert O. Young:  5G and Corona What Is A Virus?
Discussed in 2nd half of video

“Mandatory vaccinations are a fundamental threat to our freedom.”


Global Social Transformation
Photo of a drone in a neighborhood with loudspeaker,
reminding people to social distance.  sic!

Why You CANNOT and Will NEVER “Catch” Coronavirus
13 min YouTube Video by Tom Barnett – mirrored 3.31.20 on Crowhouse YouTube Channel
per April 2 2020 – this video has been deleted by YouTube!

This video by David Icke addresses the information in the Tom Barnett censored video above.
‘Covid 19’ and 5G – What’s The Connection? The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast
Does Covid-19 actually exist???
Highlight notes coming

Global Social Transformation

Beast System Goes Live – This Is It, Share Now Before Censored
Covid-19 is not killing people – it is the radio frequencies that are killing people – 5G
Posted April 2 2020

A lot of people need to wake up now in order to turn this around!

Global Social Transformation

Out of the World 4.3.20 Ted Mahr Interviews Simon Parkes

“The hospital ships in New York and California are not for virus patients.  They are actually for those being picked up by Deep State, re: child trafficking

China is guilty of having a bioweapons lab, but they are not guilty of the virus getting released.

Original plan was to release the virus in  America, which would have probably destroyed Trump politically and totally destroyed U.S. economically.  Instead, with the accidental release in China, it gave Trump team time for counter response.

Black Hats wanted an economic collapse, with a police state, followed by a virus.  But this has collapsed.  Trump also giving $1200 to individuals (not just Corporation rescue) will save Trump presidency.

Federal Reserve can only bail out corporations, so in order to give money to individuals , the Fed had to merge with the US Treasury – which reports to Pres. Trump.  So Fed Reserve is now under control of government, first time since 1912, when U.S. came off gold system.  The Fed is the stumbling block for financial reset.

The next year and a half will dictate what the next 100 years will be like. 

20 Trillion dollar law suit against China for release of virus, compensation to pay for damage..  1925 the League of Nations outlawed biological weapons.  They all do it, but “just don’t get caught”.  So when a country gets caught, like China, it is a breach of International law.  If it was successful, the Chinese government would collapse, and a new government would be installed. 

Black Hats had 2 options, nuclear war or biological weapon.  Now with biological virus weapon, they have triggered an Event Horizon and there is no going back. This is a fight to the death.  The White Hats did not initiate it. 

Bioweapons are designed to be very contagious.  So you screen everyone you meet.

There are people that are now being intentionally infected.  If it is a mild dose, is it to serve as a warning.  If you want to take someone out, you don’t give them a mild infection.  The leaders infected all have minor cases. 

The vast number of people dying, are dying within 2 days of entering hospital. That is significant.  For if you can last longer 3 to 5 days, you will survive.  This virus can live for many hours on metal.  It’s fated temperature is the operating temp of a frig.  Virus is destroyed by ultra violet light, the sunlight destroys it.  Take your ultra violet light and shine on your mail, etc.  At gas station use disposable gloves and toss.

Possibilities, the virus mutated quite naturally, one more deadly than the other.  The other possibility is that a separate virus was introduced, possibly by drones, the more virulent one reaching Europe.  Most likely hundreds of thousands of Chinese that died.  Not just the 10K they are saying.  

News reports say Bill Gates video wants to restrict our movement unless we are vaccinated.  Bill Gates and George Sores cannot be trusted.  Bill Gates believes over population is a problem.  Bill Gates is not mind controlled.  He is one of the top men.  Descended from elite many of thousands of years ago.  They have a programming that would kick in if they would tend to stray.  

How long will it last.  Reports say peak in 7 to 10 days in US and Canada and then drop quickly and then end of May quite down.  Different time frames for virus and war.  Easter could be the end of the war, the virus quite down in June. 

Trump using code words.  Simon Parkes wishes there is more honesty for the public.  Simon would love emergency broadcasts on phone, with ongoing updates of truth to the public. 

If it goes on much longer it will be so overt, that even the “sheep people” will start to stumble on the truth.  As long as media moguls are in charge, illusion will stay in place.  If media does not change, it means top guys were not taken down.  

Big changes coming to US.  People without insurance are getting medical care.  That is new.  Impacts to Medicare.  People, perceptions are being impacted.  Time to ask what is most important.

Simon Parkes summary, don’t be panic, don’t get vaccines, be sensible, we will come out of this fine, trust the President.


Global Social Transformation

Additional Observations Being Reported by Various Sources


Is China hiding death tolls?
21 million cell phones in China disappeared after the virus outbreak.
and if 840,000 land line accounts closed in China –
does this suggest a higher death toll?
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 28, 20202, #242 (Dane Wigington)


Global Social Transformation


Bill Gates Foundation Appears to have Funded COVID-19 Virus BioWeapon
David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Answering Your Questions!
More links coming soon – for Additional Sources who are saying this


Global Social Transformation

The following David Icke video goes in depth with an important perspective of great urgency
‘Covid 19’ and 5G – What’s The Connection? The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

Global Social Transformation

A few ‘phone videos’ are circulating that show no lines of people
waiting for COVID-19 testing, in some locations

Other comments saying there is not really a test for COVID-19
The test is more generic – so you really can’t be tested specifically for it

Some individuals with compromised health conditions that die –
are having their death certificate changed to s
ay death by COVID-19


Global Social Transformation


This Page is an Offshoot from our Main Covid Research Page that is rapidly evolving
Research Sources
This Research page also lists the links to other related pages we are developing
with intent to help deepen awareness and lend support towards clarity of action
March April 2020


Global Social Transformation


Please Pause a Moment
This material may shock you if the material is new to you.
A comment from someone that speaks for many

“You people are out of your minds!”

My response …. well, time will tell. We shall see.
In the meantime, sending love into the field.
I would be more than happy if all this is wrong.
In the meantime, it is my hope everyone takes good care of themselves,
and continue your own research.

“the Lie is different at every level, as is the Truth”

And in the meantime … don’t lose your sense of humor.
and do not go into fear.
We are in a playground.
There is a reason we all are here at this time.


Global Social Transformation

Heart Plan Vision Disclaimer
We present
Multiple narratives, none of which are known to be fully trusted,
possibly each unreliable to some degree
and so it is up to each person to do their own comparative research.
You Decide!

Global Social Transformation