Disrupt the Criminal Conspiracy

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“Rally around this singular issue
Disrupt the Criminal Conspiracy of Fear and Terror Around the World”
Dr. David E. Martin

Open Philanthropy’s Dustin Aaron Moskovitz and his Amazing Crystal Ball
May 23 2022
David Martin – Butterfly of the Week Video

Extremely important video, David Martin connecting the dots on the Monkeypox

Global Social Transformation

Prosecute Now

“It’s time we demand our elected state officials appoint special prosecutors
to investigate criminal behavior by our elected and appointed officials.”
– Dr. David Martin

Our purpose manifold:

“First, to reveal to you, the public, the criminal organization that is seeking to coercively extort and obtain complete control over the global population. The primary instruments of the organization’s criminal conduct include the creation of patented bioweapons marketed as novel viruses and injections.

Second, to remove the protective anonymity of the criminal syndicate’s participants, including individuals, business entities, and government organizations who are pursuing a 21st century, 100-year program, called “The Century of the Vaccine.”

Finally, to expose and detail the specific crimes this organization has committed to extort commercial gain from, and raw political power over citizens of the United States of America and the world through the creation and use of bioweapons and engaging in bio-terrorism.”


“Our objective is to prosecute the participants of the criminal organization for those crimes, to obtain justice, and to achieve monetary relief for the millions who have been injured and who have died at their hands. This incalculable injustice is the result of the criminal malfeasance of the individuals and organizations who forced the implementation of their experiments-in-a-syringe upon the world. We stand for, protect, and defend humanity, you our brothers and sisters, fellow citizens of this earth.”


“Our mission is to organize and amplify individual and collective citizen voices in the ears, minds, and hearts of our elected and appointed state officials for the singular purpose of demanding and obtaining the immediate appointment of special prosecutors and independent counsel to initiate criminal investigations and pursue criminal proceedings against the perpetrators for violations of criminal statutes in their pursuit of planning, orchestrating, and executing the alleged SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and all consequent actions taken and infringing the inalienable rights and liberties of we, the people.

We pledge to do all necessary and possible to ensure that all monies obtained pursuant to such prosecutions be distributed to those who have suffered any injury from the commission of these crimes.”

Global Social Transformation