Do What I Love

Doing What I Love – A Study
By Shema


Doing What I Love

Capturing a moment here and there
Where I feel in Flow
My activities feeling smooth, good, purposeful
Finding a moment of meaning in this fleeting life.


Transferring “keeper notes” to Heart Plan Vision.
Condensing my handwritten notes, as I love to write. 

I also love to keep simplified.


Bothered by too much writing and papers, that just sit dormant on my shelves. 
So I review them periodically, able to toss some.
Writings about a Me, no longer feeling relevant.
Lessons learned, time to let go of the writings that had helped me to process.



I come across something, that calls to me,
Not ready to toss yet.


So now, I begin,
Sharing those bits of writing here on Heart Plan Vision. 
I like this.  I could spend a lot of time transcribing these “keepers”.

Filling out my website, helping to add life and a bigger meaning to my writing. 


Otherwise the writing, sitting in piles of paper, dormant and cluttered,
bothersome to my mind. 


Now become Alive and happy,
having a place online, and a chance
just possibly
of touching someone in a special way,
maybe even at an important time.

–  Shema

Also posted on my Facebook timeline under Albums.


I’m going to start recording online,
some of my handwritten notes,

that capture my “flow moments”
when life ‘just happens’ with ease and a naturalness.


Part of me believes, if we all just lived that way,
somehow life would take care of our needs.


As birds are birds, and trees do their tree thing,
and humans follow their bliss …. would life just flow naturally?
It’s worth a try! 


– Shema,
July 17 2019