Dollar Vigilante

Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick

“I’ve Changed My Mind, I am In Favor of Globalist Population Genocide… Go Kill Bill!”
June 27 2020   Dollar Vigilante
At 7 min into video – demo on oxygen levels decreased with mask wearing and OSHA warnings
AND 12 min – dynamic woman’s message to town council

Global Social Transformation

ITakeResponsibility to Expose CIA Hollyweird and the Coronahoax Plandemic
June 21 2020
“People losing interest in covid
Race wars, economy destruction, 3 month lockdown

Video clip of gym opening up with pods designed with plastic walls

Video clip from Bill Maher – we need to lead a life not dominated by fear
Speaking on how liberals seems to have really bought into the covid fear narrative
And brave of Bill Maher to go against that

Russia Doctor in charge of informing public about Coronovirus, Alexander Myasnikov
Comes forth saying it is not as dangerous as people think

Russian Doctor

Discusses Nova Scotia shooting (“The withdrawal of $475,000 in cash by the man who killed 22 Nova Scotians in April 2020 matches the method the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) uses to send money to confidential informants and agents, sources say.”)
While Canada calls for stricter gun control laws

Most major events are staged flash flag events, hope people are waking up to that
5G is being rolled out – part of their plan
Sept Oct second wave – but people not caring so they may unleash it sooner

Turn away from Hollywood CIA stuff
Get out in nature, Stop your addictions
Follow your heart
Jeff sharing the good changes that have gone on in his life in last 3 months of lockdown
Working on himself with good health, nutrition and fitness practices”

Global Social Transformation

Bill and Melinda Gates smiling in glee
as Gates says “the next one will get attention this time”

which means what ? that they will have a hand in it’s outbreak?

Gates “covid19 will be back in big numbers in Oct Nov 2020”
hummmm I wonder how they are so sure and gleeful about it?

Gates smiling big numbers
Dollar Vigilante discusses at 9 min & 45 min into video

Global Social Transformation

Sure looks like suspicious death. RIP
55 years old dies of cardiac arrest (June 9 2020 news)
remember …. deep state has technology to induce heart attacks.
False pandemic africa
Dollar Vigilante discusses at 30min into video
July 1 2020 – also shared on Africa page
Global Social Transformation
Dan Dicks Wiped Off YT, TDV Under Attack As The Great Reset Goes Into Hyperdrive
July 16 2020
Passports may soon be impossible to get.
U.S. actually wants to keep people in – the wall is really for that.
Financial projections bleak.
Global Social Transformation