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Donations for HeartPlanVision & Covid-19 Research

With profound thanks
If you have landed on this page
And have desire to contribute to this project
Shema at Heart Plan Vision sends you the deepest appreciation, gratitude and thanks.

HeartPlanVision is not a non-profit, so contributions are not tax-deductible.

Financial gifts are joyfully accepted
Shema’s PayPal direct is

if you would like to send a love gift.

Additionally, checks made out to Shema Satya
may be sent to

Shema Satya
PO Box 503
Fairfax, CA 94978

Shema also has kept active her Go Fund Me Crowd Funding Campaign
“Carr Fire My Home Burned Down”
This is another avenue to support Shema and her efforts to bring forth Heart Plan Vision.
The monies previously collected, back in 2018, of course are used up.
But the page has stayed active.

Just as Shema was getting back on her feet, after the Carr fire,
then the Covid-19 Global Lockdown happened.
Strange times indeed.  The times ‘we were told would come’,
We are fully in them now.
May we band together collectively, now more than ever.


Shema is working on more avenues for donations
for those of you wishing to donate to Heart Plan Vision,
Shema’s labor of love.
Also under consideration is a page.
Patreon allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or “patrons”.

Additional ways to get the information out, under development, are
building infrastructure for e-list, e-newsletter, and Kindle books.

In the interim, you may contribute to the work
supporting Shema and team to develop out the full Heart Plan Vision
by going to PayPal, and making a direct gift there.

Global Social Transformation

Thank you again as we, at Heart Plan Vision, are grateful.
Your support helps tremendously
As we engage in heart centered visionary work, helping humanity
to usher in the Great Awakening, and building a New Earth.

Financial gifts profoundly help to fuel our inspiration and capacity
Allowing us more time to devote to the Project unfoldment
Which in turn will allow the Vision to ripen enough
So that we can bring it forward to the public in a broader format
With greater outreach and impact
While beginning the most exciting part
That of collaborations with like minded souls

Our prayer
That the realization of a New Earth
Most rapidly and smoothly
Come to fruition

Global Social Transformation

We also invite you to visit our newest page
with further research underway

Fundrasier for The Book

Global Social Transformation

Additional Appreciation for Donations Have Arisen Due to The Covid-19 Situation

Update on Number of Covid Related Research Pages
142 Topics and Counting (as of July 2021)
Intent is to maintain our research on the website
so not dependent on social media and all their censoring tactics
Shema is 100% committed to Helping Humanity at this Time
‘Site Map & Pandemic’ Page has links to Covid Related Research
Global Social Transformation
Our social media presence is most active on Facebook and Telegram
Shema has Picture Albums on her Facebook timeline
This Facebook link takes your to section that lists all
the Facebook Albums on Shema’s timeline
Global Social Transformation

Shema’s Telegram page
for uncensored news

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Thank You, God Bless and Namaste to ALL

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