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Dr. David E Martin Gives Explosive Jaw Dropping Information
May 18 2022
12 min video

“It is time to focus and declare and act
We the people will not stand
for the domestic and international terrorism
that is being done in the name of health

This is a case of MURDER, not disease, not pandemic
It is Premeditated global terrorism,
premeditated domestic terrorism,
premeditated racketeering,

The weaponization of the spike protein … to destroy humanity

There is no question
This campaign of terror is premeditated murder

The crime was announced in 2015


In addition … Remdesivir, in the clinical trials, found to be lethal when used with patients ….
knowingly distributing Remdesivir is premediated murder ….

Canadian government guilty of racketeering

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Dr David Martin: Files Lawsuit Against Biden, HHS, Medicare, Medicaid and CMS
March 10 2022
21 min

⁣Dr David Martin shares BREAKING NEWS about a lawsuit that’s just been filed against Joe Biden, the director of the HHS, the Medicare and Medicaid directors and the CMS mandate directors.

“The body becomes a biological weapons factory, manufacturing the spike protein, a scheduled pathogen with genetic sequences derived from SARS-CoV-2: a known toxin on the list of scheduled bioweapons in the US code”

“The injection does not stimulate any immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

At best you’re getting immunity to the first variation of the computer simulated first spike protein that was first thought to be associated with SARS-CoV-2.
The only thing you could have alleged to get immunity to was the first fragment of spike protein from the first model”

“In discovery, we are going to get evidence of the the felony”

“We wrote this case so that the immunity shield falls away from the manufactures and all of the injuries and deaths become civil liabilities to the manufacturers”

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Value patriotism, humanity, law and integrity

Dr David Marin
David Martin News Update
Feb 11 2022

An example of calling out the lies of fact checkers
We the people will hold people accountable

Let’s distinguish between fact checkers and propagandists
We need to address the criminal issues that are at stake!

23 min discussion on an email exchange regarding
Canada, Trudeau and Big Pharma
Exchange with: Reporter at Associated Press, Ali Swenson

Topic regarding
Claim: Canada is benefiting from the vaccines
“Canadian Government Gets A Kickback from each of the Pfizer and Moderna shots that are administered.”

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Dr. David Martin Weapons of Mass Distraction 10/28/21
Super important video,
included here are key highlights regarding criminal acts of the pandemic

Welcome to We The People, Humanity’s Network, Activate Humanity.
Join us as we take a deep dive into some of humanity’s greatest challenges and discuss potential solutions with Dr. David Martin.

Notes from video.
Dr Martin meets with leadership in Utah government.
This video goes into specific allegations, to help connect the dots,
regarding criminal acts.
Dr Martin goes through criminal allegations
regarding the CDC’s Spring 2020 illegal activities.
a series of documents are presented
regarding the funding and conspiring to commit acts of terror.
This is a very serious allegation.
5min.  Dr Martin goes into depth regarding this.
Sept 2019, statements made by Global Preparedness Monitoring Board
9min “This mandatory injection was planned in 2015 by the COVID RICO CONSPIRATORS”

10min The Covid Treasonous Acts
The Giant Global Community planned Event Horizon
To Test preparedness and to develop
A Commercial response targeted at a Single Solution.
This was a very specific targeted campaign. 

11min  2013-2016  Manipulations being done to the coronavirus model
during the Gain of Function Moratorium
13min  Abstract discussed, published 2016
It says “this article being used as basis for (alleged) ‘unverified’ theories,
that the novel coronavirus causing Covid-19 was engineered.”
Dr. Martin goes on to show it was known. 

A virus model and distinct spike protein variants.
As early as 2016 it was a known pathogen
and it had lethality on human lung tissue.

17min The question to focus on
Do We Have Evidence, in any shape or form, …
when we say there were acts of domestic terrorism,
As this goes into Laws regarding biological and chemical weapons in the U.S.

If you know you are transferring information,
regarding creation of a pathogen –
If you build out and create a scenario in order to
amplify the ‘human media hype’ to be fearful of a pathogen

The Acts of Domestic Terrorism are directly implicated
Several felony violations are weaved together all in one.

19min Exchanging data across international boundaries.
Knowingly contributing  to what we knew had human pathogenic properties.
Stated Accidental or Intentional release of a respiratory pathogen
months before, allegedly, a natural outbreak occurred in China.

Peter Daszak openly admitted to doing acts of domestic terrorism.

22min  Lying to Congress
Document reviewed … stating ….  SARS-CoV-2 particles …
these spikes latch onto human cells and then undergo a structural change
that allows the viral membrane to fuse with the cell membrane.
The viral genes can then enter the host cell to be copied, producing more viruses.

23min  Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) explained –
Document speaks of 96 agreements made

26min … in addition to sharing these important materials with academic researchers,
NIAID negotiated 21 licenses with biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.

Question – Why, when you try to find these licenses,
you cannot find them in any format?

No one dollar figure has ever been reported to Congress.
It is a law, Congress requires transparency. 
To see if there has been an economic interest in a decision or action
between a government agency and a commercial partnership.
That is a violation of the law.

28min  U.S. Code Violations
Global Preparedness Monetary Board
Creating a global respiratory pathogen response with a single stated outcome
2015 it was put into place

By definition this is a criminal conspiracy
This is an Anti Trust Violation
Funding, Conspiring and Racketeering to create public fear …. for planned outcome

35min Non-competitive grants looked at
2008-2013 Grants in order of $50 million
Funding source for spike protein set of options

Dr Martin is just getting this information by reading existing documents
It’s not rocket science!

Known alterations being done on SARS research
It was known, it’s not a surprise
We knew it was a problem
And by 2016 we knew a platform would be developed so to find its way
into human use

41min  The most problematic part of this story
When Dr Martin presents this information to officials across the U.S.
He is met with them referring to various fact checkers

Here we include the notes regarding Dr Martin speaking on a Patent filed in 2002
to use SARS Coronavirus as an injectable
Dr Martin shows the patent and discusses it’s contents

42min Patent filed in 2002 was not about pigs. 
Hidden in plain sight the Patent really is about
S-Spike Proteins and turning them into injectables, i.e. vaccines

Fact checkers claim this Patent is not relevant and so uses it to discount Dr Martin
See page 11 of Patent, in the fine print is information on MRNA
Fact checkers seem incapable of getting to page 11

Even the Fact Checkers fail to expose their financial conflicts

49min  The Media is a con-conspiring criminal partner
by being part of a terror conspiracy

At the Red Pill Expo in 2021 Dr Martin’s presentation on
unpacking the financial interests behind all this

We need to hold accountable even those individuals
who are, allegedly trying to report information

51min The active campaign to attempt to suppress this information
is very much alive and well, in Congress, with Attorney Generals,
Suppressing it with a carelessness on how they are actually sharing information


50min We know we have SIX KNOWN FELONY CRIMES
being committed on a daily basis!

52min  The Emergency Use Authorization does not shield any public official
from criminal libel acts.  The shield of immunity gets pierced
if you knowingly and willingly participate in a criminal conspiracy.

Dr Martin is saying here there is a criminal conspiracy
and allegations supported with the evidence he has submitted here
and one day is the basis for liability of civil and criminal acts

Since 1999 we knew that this SARS Corona platform could be weaponized
In 2005 at the Biodefense Conference, we knew that
In 2012 and 2013 we knew it from the symptoms emerging in China
And we have amplified it, modified it and created a nightmare

And we the people have the responsibility to get this out
to public officials and public institutions

These are allegations that should be having a criminal investigation going on
And it should be commenced immediately

It is time to hold all involved accountable to what is going on
At which point the Emergency Use Authorization can be ended

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Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are, “The Names and Faces”

Dr. David Martin Exposes the Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity
Red Pill Expo, Nov 19, 2021

Dr David Martin has put the names and faces of all of the major players in the theater of the COVID War onto one slide, which he says is important, because “We energize the forces of darkness when we anonymize them and when we see their faces on a screen, we realize that they’re merely individuals that have lost the social contract with humanity.”

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A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9/7/21
Patents as early as 1999 – over 2 decades

FULL INTERVIEW: There is no variant… not novel… no pandemic. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich

“… not novel… no pandemic.. no variants… campaign of coercion & terror to address a stated objective. Dr David Martin, SG!! Who can tell us what the Vaxxed can do about this synthetic recombinant chimera protein? “There was no novel Coronavirus. Check of gene sequence vs all patent records showed not novel since 1999! There are 120 patented pieces of evidence showing total fallacy of claim ‘novel’!”

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Fauci Dossier

Dr. David Martins’ Fauci Leaks files are ready for download

You can download that doc HERE at Dr. David Martins’ page
“We hope you will share this information, with your legislators from the county level to the federal level!”

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