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August 6 2020 Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy Interview

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Charlene Bollinger Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits (Part 1)
From Truth About Vaccines on Dr Judy:  “Join Judy for this blockbuster interview with Charlene where she tells the truth about the “Plague of Corruption” that has permeated the vaccine industry. She names names and gives proof. We have featured her in our films and she has spoken about this corruption at our TTAC Live 2016 and TTAC Live 2019. She is a force to be reckoned with. Her voice has gone viral because people are awake and want to hear and know the truth. But there is another side working night and day to silence her voice of truth.

Please share this video with everyone you know so that they can hear the truth from one that was on the inside and is blowing the whistle!

Thank you, Judy, for being one of the most integrous, honorable women we know. We stand with you and we love you.”

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Judy Mikovits Suggests Retroviruses Play a Role in Covid-19
Video –
Mercola  May 3 2020

Interview Transcript from Mercola website

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Also Available for Reference is our Page WHAT IS A VIRUS

Global Social Transformation

Here is a petition per May 2020

Subpeona Dr. Judy Mikovits to testify before Congress on the Corruption of Dr. Anthony Fauci
Created by K.J. on May 6 2020
“As shown in the documentary, Plademic by Mikki Willis, Dr. Anthony Fauci needs to be investigated for many reasons including corruption, mass murder and treason. Dr. Judy Mikovits can provide evidence and testimony to the fact.”