Eat Less Meat

Emmanuel Dagher

Heart Plan Vision Project  “Eat Less Meat”

Aim of this project is to raise awareness around
reducing our ecological impact on the planet
and engaging a lifestyle that offers greater health for our bodies
and Greater kindness and respect to animals

Here we shall list resources to expand on the project and vision

Articles of Importance

How to Persuade Your Favorite Meat Eater to Try a Meatless Monday

“The average person eats between 220 and 240 pounds of meat and poultry a year.

Yet at the same time, researchers are increasingly aware of the serious consequences of our carnivorous diets. “In 2019 … 30 of the world’s leading scientists released the results of a massive three-year study into global agriculture and declared that meat production is destroying our planet and jeopardizing global health,” said Bruce Friedrich, cofounder and executive director of the Good Food Institute, an organization that supports the creation of plant-based and cell-based meat.”

Bruce Friedrich presentation at a Ted Talk
“Conventional meat production causes harm to our environment and presents risks to global health, but people aren’t going to eat less meat unless we give them alternatives that cost the same (or less) and that taste the same (or better). In an eye-opening talk, food innovator and TED Fellow Bruce Friedrich shows the plant- and cell-based products that could soon transform the global meat industry — and your dinner plate.”