Electro Regenerative Technology

Imagining the Revisioning of our Technologies, Electro-magnetic and Wireless

Currently, research and individuals are reporting grave damaging effects from an array of wireless technologies being released on the public, while the Precautionary Principle is not being taken into consideration.

Electro Pollution is a topic of deep controversy.  The 5G Industry is now actively placing damaging 5G technology boxes on street corners (with vision to have them placed on all streets).  Cars of the future will have greater levels of electro magnetic pulses.  Smart Meters are on more and more homes.  Bees and trees are reported dying around 5G towers.  Children are getting cancer (where schools are located near cell towers).  Brain tumors are rampant.  And the list goes on.

if these Electro frequencies could be re-envisioned so that they support the human nervous system, and even regenerate our bodies to higher frequencies …..

instead of weakening the body, as the current technologies now are doing.
This would include phones, cars, electric meters on homes, and much more.


Our Vision
The positive, uplifting and healing use of Electro technologies are being used effectively in the public health sector.
We vision here, that they now also be applied to our Technologies for global communication and transportation.


The following list is from a video interview:
AI Artificial Intelligence-Entrainment, 5G & Love-based sovereignty – Bradley Loves & Alfred Webre

This list acknowledges many of the research leaders looking into the larger implications of 5G,
along with AI Artificial Intelligence – which opens up a much larger issue ongoing on the planet.




RESOURCES to lend towards VISIONING Electro Regenerative Technology


528Hz Frequency

The 528Hz frequency is also referred to as the miracle tone or healing frequency
and is one of the nine main frequencies on the ancient Solfeggio scale.
According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, the 528Hz frequency is able to heal damaged DNA.


Pyramid Technology Reverse Engineered! That Could Turn You Into A Reality-Bending Superhuman…”
this link takes you to the video interview with David Sereda

The entire universe produces both particles, living beings, planets, stars and fields of energy. The fields of energy connect between all of these systems via the extension of auras. The key to understanding how to increase our energetic potential is to understand how fields work and communicate.


When fields are in harmonies, they communicate.  When they are in disharmonies, they do not communicate.  – David Sereda.net, Light Stream Technologies


Elizabeth Warren is proposing guaranteed universal high-speed internet access.

“I will make sure every home in America has a fiber broadband connection
at a price families can afford.”
August 2019


5G Summit online event

The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit was held online
August 26-Sept 1 2019  – for a period of time replays can be purchased for further study 

5G wireless …. the industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy –
yet THOUSANDS of peer- reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents. 
Learn about the dangers and find solutions in your community!



RESOURCES highlighting DANGERS of current technologies

Youtube begins banning critics of 5G cell towers …


20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave
Radiation Over Entire Earth


Shema’s Facebook Page with resources
Electro Smog, GMO’s, Vaccines, Radiation & Chemtrails

The original focus of “Electro Smog, GMO’s, Radiation, Chemtrails” was to build
public awareness
and mass education to the general public
about the health dangers and related risks from Wireless Smart Meters
on homes and buildings
and, additionally, raising awareness of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Foods).
These both have immediate health dangers on the human body.
This page’s focus has since broadened as toxins continue to become a bigger health issue. 


Resources that Explain 5G BUT DO NOT ADDRESS THE DANGERS
beware of getting lulled into thinking this all good


5G Explained – How 5G Works
5G has been designed to meet the very large growth in data and connectivity of today’s modern society, the internet of things with billions of connected devices, and tomorrow’s innovations.
PDF copy of article




First Identify Active Groups and Individuals currently working on these Issues.
Next coordinate and brainstorm ways to link these groups together,
Developing ways to leverage and build a larger cohesive vision and
action plans, all the while reaching out for greater public engagement
and education. 


Marin Activists Rally Against 5G
A group of Marin residents has formed a “5G-free Marin Task Force”
to urge cities and towns to take a stand against the technology on the basis of health concerns.
May 15 2019 article



Heart Plan Vision PROJECT IDEAS

Leverage the 5G Summit (see above) with student activism

Coordinate with high schools and colleges –
class assignments to listen to entire summit speakers and topics

Have students come together and map out projects to take on,
after this newly acquired understanding

of all that is at stake, regarding health and safety.
Get students engaged with local community organizations
working on this issue.
Have the students network with other schools,
and publish materials as part of their school work.
What they are learning on this issue,
What can be done.
Projects that are now being launched.
Solutions being explored in depth.

Students engage with Social Media to help build momentum
on educating on topic of 5G
and activism mobilization


Additionally, work with LIBRARIES
and get the local libraries to carry audio access to patrons
of the Summit Replays. 
Get the Replays of the Summit into as many libraries as possible.
Have this be a student project they can get credit for.
Also get the Replays into College Libraries. 



* Empower City Councils to Protect local communities from Regional Governance
* Keep a Blog of these 5G projects

* Empower City Councils to Protect local communities from Regional Governance
Patrick Wood speaks of City Councils (get involved – “if you don’t have a seat at the table – you are probably on the menu” – Elizabeth Warren) – our power is in getting involved locally.  Local citizens need to inform City Councils to take a stand on their behalf.
The power of City Councils is they ask questions and want to know how is Smart City technology going to protect their citizens.
These City Councils are elected by the town citizens
There are thousands and thousands of these City Councils throughout the U.S.
The Smart City crowd does not like City Councils and are trying to override asking permission locally of cities.
A project being watched carefully is the Greater Phoenix Smart Region Initiative
This project would override the local power of City Councils.
This initiative is being watched carefully by both sides.
and everything that goes to shore it up for the LARGEST SOCIAL ENGINEERING PROJECT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD” –  Patrick Wood (Sept 2019)

Patrick Wood founded Citizens for Free Speech and Local Activist
He also has a wealth of books on the topic – get informed!
His latest book is Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order (2018)

Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) is dedicated to preserving free speech and enabling citizens to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
Local involvement is the spirit of Free Speech in America. We believe in the role of the citizen stakeholders in their local communities, and encourage active involvement in local processes, boards and elections.
CFFS exists to promote and enable the practice of Free Speech throughout America. Their flagship initiative is to provide city-centric social media services to citizens that will enable and encourage local action and involvement with other like-minded citizens.

Suggested Action
Share Transcript with City Councils of Patrick Wood speaking on 5G Crisis Summit online
(you will need to copy and paste this link to open the PDF)


* Keep a Blog of these 5G projects
And pull from the experience a model
For how to apply to other Activism Mobilization projects

Publicize this Pilot Project Summary widely