Energy Windows, Timing, Opportunity

Nature fantasy

Sometimes we just have to be patient until the Universe says,
now is the time

Well, now IS the time
And WE are the ones, we have been waiting for

Shema Satya
Dec 7 2022

This Could Bring Huge Changes In 2023!
Dec 6 2022
Inspired Channel 12min

Here are some highlights from video
Jean Nolan has been in conversation, behind the scenes,
and finding this in agreement.
Energy Windows begin to open
Opportunity for humanity to take a leap

Since last year in development
We now have an organizational structure
We’ve created a network
Information is being put out in a coordinated way
Which has been effective

We’re at a juncture, new opportunities
This is a great time, Dec 2022, end of year
Go inward, review your intentions, values, recalibrate

We can only bring into the world
What we are
As it is all vibrational
Prayer, meditation, time in nature, exercise

Need to become more strategic and develop alliances
(5 min) Be ware of the term being used, “controlled opposition”

The enemy is becoming less human and more technocratic
Our future timeline
WE are greater in our consciousness, than technology

Raise your vibration and frequency
To help yourself be less vulnerable to the harmful 5G and related
Rise above those lower frequencies, so they don’t harm you as much

Until such time as it all can be dismantled
Let us focus on our
Natural Biological Human Timeline

(10min) While continuing to prepare for this transitional period we are in
Personal self responsibility and Self Sufficiency

Global Social Transformation

Reflecting on Timing – Auspicious signs
Dec 6 2022
Shema Satya

Sometimes we just have to be patient until the Universe says, now is the time

Models of a new world that have been in incubation,
now much exciting movement happening.

Could this be signs of critical mass and tipping point being reached?
Does a critical mass help opportunities to be more abundant?

Here are a few examples
One Small Town is moving forward with actual pilot projects
Freedom Portal, Thrive’s Solution Hub now in Beta Stage
And finally, after decades of visioning,
Heart Plan Vision is moving forward with this newsletter
and The New One Percent Movement

Exciting times indeed!

Nature fantasy