Epic Stories of Solutions

Emmanuel Dagher, Global Social Transformation









The Need To Grow – an Environmental Film of Solutions


“Can we feed the world without destroying the planet?

The answer depends on what we do now!”

“The good news is, there ARE solutions.
Environmental Film, The Need To GROW, takes you inside the hearts and innovations
of three very different leaders –
an 8-year-old girl challenges the ethics of a beloved organization –
a renegade farmer struggles to keep his land
as he revolutionizes resource-efficient agriculture –
and an accomplished visionary inventor faces catastrophe in the midst of
developing a game-changing technology.”

“Narrated by Rosario Dawson, The Need To GROW
delivers an epic story of solutions and the struggles to implement them.
It will make you laugh, make you cry, give you chills,
and inspire you to participate in the restoration of the Earth.”

“No human being on the planet should miss this film.”

— Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

“Perhaps the best film on sustainability I have ever seen.”

— Teddy Grouya, Founding Director – American Documentary Film Festival

“I loved this movie…it was one of those environmental movies that gave me hope.”

— Todd James, Global News


“Estimates from the United Nations that at the rate we are depleting our farmland,
we have fewer than 60 years of soil left on Earth.”


Emmanuel Dagher, Global Social Transfromation