Facebook ‘Albums’ As Oracles

These are a collection of Facebook ‘Albums’ on Shema’s Facebook Timeline
Journeys through the beauty of art, photography, info graphics, wisdoms and heart reflections
They can also be utilized like an ‘oracle’ – see what you are guided to
Is it a message timely for your soul to hear


2019 Shema’s Year Long Journal

Album Inspirations 1

Album Inspirations Ho’oponopono

A Place Beyond Fear

As Within So Without

Business & Financial Breakthrough

Everything is Frequency

Healing Through Grieving


I Believe in Miracles

Kindness Respect Gentleness

My Journey to Self Respect

Never Give Up

Opening to Love

Post Fire A New Me Emerging

Songs & Powerful Lyrics

Timeline Favorites

Transformation to Butterfly

Unity Consciousness

Visions for a Heart Centered World