Fantasy Roundtable Discussions

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate Bridge

Come on Now!

Let’s bring all the camps together
All the major perspectives
That often never talk together

Come on Now!

Time for an Evolutionary Intelligence Uplift! 

Besides the full resource of Researchers Heart Plan Vision studies regularly
Which understood, do “TRIGGER” some

Let’s also invite in those whose topics send off “TRIGGERS” for Shema too
What is going on? 

Let’s stop talking in ISOLATION and in the safety of those who AGREE with us
And learn to discourse while in disagreement

And to make it really fun! 
Let’s broadcast these LIVE globally in a Town Hall Format
and allow questions from the audience
and also questions from Roundtable participants to the Audience
Let Questions go both ways!
And even the questions to the Audience can be with intention
For things for the Audience to take home and contemplate on also

And create a Forum for ongoing exchange and see what builds organically out of it

Global Social Transformation

TOPICS AND PEOPLE – additions made regularly to this growing list

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Covid 19
Making Amends to Countries and Peoples Harmed in Genocides

Frosty Woolridge
Numbers USA Lower Immigration Numbers
Voices from the Pandemic – A New America


Global Social Transformation

#151  Jeff & Frosty Wooldridge – Sobering Reality Check of America’s Future
April 15 2020 – Following article recommended from this interview
Frosty has traveled the world – 12 miles an hour on bike.
Interesting to listen to comments on this video.  People questioning Jeff Rense’s perspective of what behind Covid.  People feel he is off track.
I only list this video so to be able to understand what seems to be MISSING in this perspective, and also what info Frosty brings forth that is not included in ongoing discussions by many.

#152  Pandemics and Population:  Lessons from the Coronavirus Catastrophe of 2020
Article – this article published on a webpage with slogan
“lower immigration levels”  Numbers USA
Article recommended from #151 Video.  I have lots of issues with this article and feel it is pushing a single issue, which misses the bigger picture.  Quite concerning.

One question I have on Anti Immigration perspectives – it is multi layered question.

First, my understanding is a lot of illegal immigration gets motivated to come to America by poor conditions in other countries and the promise of the American Dream.

And my understanding is that America and Globalists have a pattern of destroying other countries economies and people come here because conditions in their home lands are so horrible.  And when they come here, many of them of lower income actually become our farm workers, which American business exploit with low wages, and Americans do not even want to do the work. 

Also, America and the Great American Dream was built on Immigration.
Well, and also
Genocide of First Peoples
and Massive Exploitation of Africans from Africa used in Slavery

Pattern I see,
Destroy other countries
Illegal immigration
Exploit and Use for business profits the Illegal Immigrants in work force

FIRST Native Americans Genocide – The FIRST Peoples! and
SECOND Destruction of other countries economies, environment and peoples
THIRD Reparations to African Americans and Black People in America for Slavery

THEN shouldn’t that mean that Americans aren’t allowed to live in other countries either?
I know Americans who move to other countries because they are so disgusted with America.
So should immigration policies also mean other countries close their borders to Americans?

ONCE I can find adequate answers to these questions
Then I am most willing to discuss the larger overarching issue of
America’s Immigration Issue.

BUT FIRST, as in any good solid RECOVERY PROGRAM, making AMENDS to those we have harmed is PRIMARY TO OUR SOBRIETY AND chances for long term success at sobriety.
April 2020

Global Social Transformation

Wearing A Mask Won’t Protect Us From Our History
A Grocery Store Owners Account New Orleans and Coronavirus

Voices of the Pandemic is an oral history of covid-19 and those affected.

24 Hours in a Pandemic Nation
A virtual recovery meeting.
A police officer donned a face mask.
A pastor without a congregation.
A funeral director trying to bury the dead.
This is a new America.

Global Social Transformation