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Link to the New Earth Project’s Event Focus on Fauci – replay
January 5 2021

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“Many have asked for the Fauci Event main Speakers piece without the introduction.”
Here is Judy Mickovits, Dr. David Martin and Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Rumble
This is the FULL & VAST pathology of crimes against humanity, which many key researchers and experts allege against Anthony Fauci (the most powerful man on earth in the public health administration sector).
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Dr Judy Mikovits – Dr David Martin – Rocco Galati
Global Social Transformation
Fauci Dossier
Dr. David Martins’ Fauci Leaks files are ready for download
Received this email from New Earth Media
Feb 23 2021
“We are thrilled that the first step of the synopsis discovery material is completed and now available for download to expose the TRUTH and provide the evidence on Fauci’s Crimes Against Humanity.
You can download that doc HERE at Dr. David Martins’ page.
We hope you will share this information, with your legislators from the county level to the federal level! We thank you for your contributions, no matter how big or small it showed your willingness to bring the truth to light, supporting those like David Martin and the institutions like UGHA and the NewEarth Media who partnered together to achieve this goal.
If you have individuals or a legal team to take our work to the next level, or would like to arrange a consultation with David, please reach out to Dr. David after you have signed up to access the downloadable files.”

Global Social Transformation

More about the Dossier

“Revealing the TRUTH behind the LIES
David Martin’s dossier is available to the general public for download NOW!
We hope you will share this information with everyone including your local legislators to your federal elected officials, this information MUST be shared WIDELY!
This work was supported, in part, by a fund-raising effort in which approximately 340 persons contributed funds in support of the New Earth technology team and
Urban Global Health Alliance.
It is released under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA.
Any derivative use of this dossier must be made public for the benefit of others. All documents, references and disclosures contained herein are subject to an AS-IS representation. The author does not bear responsibility for errors in the public record or references therein. Throughout this document, uses of terms commonly accepted in medical and scientific literature do not imply acceptance or rejection of the dogma that they represent.”
Global Social Transformation

BOMBSHELL: Documents Prove that Fauci Was Working With Communist Party on COVID
March 2 2021

“Judicial Watch, a Citizen Watchdog group that file Freedom of Information Lawsuits, released a press statement on Monday about their research that uncovered correspondences from Dr. Anthony Fauci outlining his focus on being in compliance with the Chinese Communist Party and their demands on the USA for COVID restrictions.”

Global Social Transformation