Fertility and Miscarriages in Covid Times

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COVID-19 Menstrual & Breast Milk Disruptions, Miscarriages, Infertility, Transmission (Shedding)
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We highlight here the important short film Infertility
and also includes Fertility Clinic Data showing
an increase of miscarriages by 400% in the first trimester
if you received a COVID vaccine

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Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda

“From award-winning director Dr. Andy Wakefield, in collaboration with executive producer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Films comes the documentary “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda.” The film exposes a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment carried out under the guise of a vaccination program, resulting in the sterilization of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent. “Infertility: ADA” will leave you wondering if history, could be repeating itself… again.”

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Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda (2022 Wakefield-Kennedy-CHD Documentary)
Posted on Rumble Video Channel – Sunfellow On COVID-19

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Shedding to infants, Dr. Northrup, Ep 68
Mar 22 2023

“Dr. Christiane Northrup in a special breakout episode of Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by We The Patriots USA, dedicating an entire episode to a viewer question about vaccinated grandparents being cautious about shedding around their grand babies, submitted during our LIVE OBGYNs SPEAK Panel discussion. As well as, what to do if you have been injected, putting on the Armor of God for this spiritual warfare, boundaries and rest for those that are awake.”


OBGYNs SPEAK: First OBGYN panel breaking their silence on COVID shot adverse reactions
March 8 2023

OBGYNs SPEAK: the first ever panel of OBGYNs and Postpartum RNs collectively breaking their silence on COVID shot adverse reactions in pregnant, unborn and fertility of patients. A group of OBGYNs have never stepped out like this before.

Expert panel: Dr. James Thorp; Dr. Christiane Northrup; Dr. Daniel McDyer; Dr. Kimberly Biss; Michelle Gershman, RN.

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BREAKING: Research Scientist Confirms Sterilants Added To Vaccines To Sterilize Africa
Andy Wakefield Media
Sept 10, 2022

Dr. Andrew Wakefield joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss the release of his latest film to take on the medical mafia and vaccine industry, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda.”

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Exclusive Investigation of Confidential Pfizer Documents finds COVID Vaccination is going to cause Mass Depopulation
July 10 2022
The Expose News reports

“Covid-19 vaccination is going to lead to mass depopulation.
This is a pretty bold claim to make. ‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.

But unfortunately, these bold claims are now backed up with a mountain of evidence, and most of that evidence can be found in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has been forced to publish by court order.

Please refer to full article
In summary it concludes

With this evidence

Confidential Pfizer documents showing a miscarriage rate between 82% and 97%,

The only animal study performed to prove the safety of administering the Pfizer vaccine during pregnancy indicating an increased risk of infertility and birth defects,

Further confidential Pfizer documents revealing the vaccine accumulates in the ovaries, data from Scotland revealing cases of Ovarian cancer are at an all time high,

Further data from Scotland revealing deaths of new born babies have hit critical levels for the second time in seven months,

and CDC VAERS data showing Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of suffering a miscarriage by at least 1,517%,

It looks like we already have more than enough evidence to make the claim that Covid-19 vaccination is going to lead to depopulation.”

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Stillbirths and Infant Deaths Double in Iceland in 2021, Raising Questions of Vaccine Safety
April 30 2022

“….an 82% rise on the 10-year average of 5.9 per 1,000.
These startling figures were reported by Icelandic daily Frettin, based on new data from Statistics Iceland.”

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Former Pfizer VP urges pregnant, childbearing age women not to get COVID vaccine; CDC disagrees
August 12 2021

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75% Of Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriages In The First Trimester
April 11 2022

“Fertility Clinic Data shows an increase of miscarriages by 400% in the first trimester if you received a COVID vaccine! If you receive the covid vax after the first trimester, It still increases miscarriages by 233%! Also, More info from the Pfizer document dump! Naomi Wolf gives an update on what has been found so far.”

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Additional references

Info Wars – Fertility Clinic Data Shows 75% Of Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriages In The First Trimester
April 8 2022

“Alex Jones presents a video where Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts asserts that fertility clinic data shows that vaccinated women are at a high risk for miscarriages, especially in the first trimester.”

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War Room Pandemic – Naomi Wolf on how Pfizer and the FDA knew the vaccine caused heart problems in teens
April 8 2022
Cue up to 16 min

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