Food Security Long Term Food Independence

Principles of Good Soil

Opportunities for Creating Local Food Systems 

“Community Interdependence – a conscious community”
Wonderful term James Corbett speaks of

…. While building up the community structures to support this
So many needs are being created

Organizers to make this system run
People who are helping to form this narrative
People who can articulate it so people can see the problem
So people can understand and say no we don’t want this while visioning solutions

People ask what can I do
Well pick a role!” 

Global Social Transformation

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Local Food Systems Grow Our Own Food

Global Social Transformation

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Global Social Transformation

Reawaken Ecosystems

The Biggest Little Farm
Apricot Lanes Farm

“Apricot Lane Farms is home to the award-winning, critically acclaimed feature documentary The Biggest Little Farm, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2020. Directed by filmmaker and farmer John Chester, the film is a testament to the complexity of nature and an epic odyssey to attempt to farm within a reawakening ecosystem.

The story continues in “The Biggest Little Farm: The Return”, premiering on Disney Plus this Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2022! The 30 minute short film is a prequel to the upcoming series, fourteen years in the making.”

Global Social Transformation


Food Forest Abundance

Are you ready to live A more free, healthy, and abundant life?

“Let us show you how by transforming your yard into a food forest and creating a system of self-reliance that’s easy and enjoyable.”

Become Self-Sufficient With A Food Forest

Food Forest Landscape Blueprint

Global Social Transformation

This Will Affect EVERYONE!
Inspired Tribe
May 23 2022

In this video Food Forest Abundance and Anastasia Foundation are discussed

Global Social Transformation

(Ringing Cedars Books, Spirituality, Gardening, Settlements) 

Global Social Transformation