Freedom of Speech and Censorship

Emmanuel Dagher

Freedom of Speech and Censorship

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Feb 16 2021
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“The Publicis Groupe, a leading PR firm, represents major companies within the technology, pharmaceutical and banking industries. These companies, in turn, have various partnerships with the U.S. government and global nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
Publicis is a partner of the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy and a complete overhaul of our way of life. As such, Publicis appears to be playing an important role, coordinating the suppression of information that runs counter to the technocratic narrative.”
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Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola
March 5 2021
“As you might expect, when you’re trying to implement a global regime change, you need to exercise very serious control over both the media and the public discourse. If you don’t, you might have a rebellion on your hands when people realize that what you’re doing is not in their best interest.”
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Banned on LinkedIn – Now I Need You #LondonRealArmy
This comes after the huge David Icke interview that got banned on YouTube

This Is Why They Banned Us #londonrealarmy
4.14.20 David Icke video banned because it was so popular
THEY shut down the most popular – to send a message – to intimidate others
But that will not stop us now
Freedom of Speech

Important!  This Is One of the Most Dangerous Videos on YouTube
May 27 2020  4 min video  Brian Rose of London Real talks on censorship of David Icke part 3

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Lots of Bans on Vaccine Related Information

Collective Evolution doing very important work

“We’ve been putting out a message urging people to join our email list as a result of censorship. And people want to know how we are being censored. Here is a great example. One of our articles about aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, presenting the opinion of Dr. Christopher Exley from Keele University was flagged as ‘false.’ As a result, our page distribution has been greatly limited.

The “fact-checker” was an organization called ‘Science Feedback.’ We emailed them to dispute the the claim that the opinion and studies published by one of the world’s leading experts of aluminum toxicology sharing an opinion cannot be false, given that it’s simply an opinion. Science feedback has taken three weeks to reply, and stated that they cannot remove the strike because we were required to to dispute the claim within a week of the strike…

We DID dispute the claim, but we just never received a response from them until AFTER a week later! Therefore the ‘strike’ on our page is to remain and our distribution is to be reduced, greatly, eternally, despite the fact that we DID email them within a week of the strike..! This is the kind of “fishy” stuff we are dealing with, and the ‘strikes’ are piling up! This is why we are urging people to join our email list to continue to remain update with the content we put out as we fear our FB is close to deletion, which can happen anytime without notice! Join our email list here:


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Facebook Censors

Facebook will start warning users if they liked, reacted or commented
on Covid-19 misinformation
that the company has since removed.
April 16 2020

Plandemic Movie

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David Icke Censored

A message from David Icke.
“I Need Your Help (No – Not Money!) With Bypassing The Censorship. Here’s What You Can Do …”  We have uncensored videos at Bitchute, and uncensored social media pages at Minds, Gab, OnSteller and VK.
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May we remember social media platforms that censored us during these times.
Loyalty no more. Time to build anew. – Shema

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Facebook censorship

April 20 2020  “Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Facebook will ban the pages (and possibly, accounts) of people that promote anti-lockdown protests. The giant social media platform have already banned event pages for protests planned in California, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Zuckerberg said that these pages would be cited for spreading misinformation, a violation of their policy guidelines.

Conservatives online and off are furious about the move. Freedom of speech is a core tenet among most conservatives, and Facebook may have violated that in a big way. Explanations from the CEO of Facebook himself don’t really add up. On one hand, Zuckerberg says that the anti-lockdown protests violate Facebook’s guidelines on misinformation. But then he says that political discord is welcomed on the platform and that there is a line. Which one is it? Or maybe the true question is, where does Facebook see the line between political debate and calls for government subversion?”

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FBI web no warrant

Senate Votes To Allow FBI to Look at Your Web Browsing History Without a Warrant
The government just go even more power to spy on your internet habits as millions remain quarantined at home.  May 13 2020

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New Web Platforms to Consider

“We will support all efforts to uncover difficult truths, protect diligent research, and offer a place to communicate hard-won wisdom.

We’ll always encourage you to never stop looking for new ways to tap into the full power of a committed community to solve the toughest problems in life.”

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July 8 2020
“Freddie Sayers speaks to Steven Pinker, the world famous linguist and evolutionary psychologist, about an attempt to ‘cancel’ him and what that means for all of us.
Discussed, the open letter he has signed to Harpers magazine in defense of free speech, and the way in which ‘crazies’ from his university days went on to get tenure and have been indoctrinating students in extreme ideas ever since.”  Have a watch — key quotes below:
• “The suppression of free speech on intellectual and artistic life has created a chilling effect and I fear for the republic of ideas”
• “I hope the [Harper’s Letter] will contribute to a return to sanity, similar to that of the late 1960’s and early 70s”
• “Nourishing the soul isn’t high on the agenda of enlightenment goals compared to reducing poverty, illiteracy and violence etc”
• “There are some cosmically ironic similarities between Right-wing authoritarianism and the illiberal Left because they both adhere to racial identity politics”.
• “Bad ideas that could be refuted get a second wind precisely because they are being repressed rather than refuted”

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