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Global Social Transformation

The Book Project
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Heart Plan Vision
111 Radical (root) Projects
For the Transformation of Planet Earth
Possibilities for the Transmutation of the Human Species


In this book we are exploring the widest possible range of issues at large for the living planet and it’s people.  It is our aim to narrow down and synthesize the best of the best projects that could leverage desired results in the most dynamic, rapid (and grounded) ways,
WHILE in a state of heart-centered intention.

This will be a ‘work in progress’ to be sure.  As our spiritual and consciousness development lags a bit behind technology advances.  So it is our challenge to bring the best forward in our work, while considering long range implications (the seven generation stewardship concept)

Global Social Transformation

The Book is just a first step.  A way to organize the concepts and vision for the actual implementation of collaborations to bring forth these shifts in our ways of living. 

Global Social Transformation

“Create the Intervention … We are drowning in solutions and solutions lead to more problems … or you can be sensible and wise and work out the cause of the problem, remove the cause of the problem and the problem, by definition, must disappear.”
“and the root cause is acquiescence to authority (the reluctant acceptance of something without protest) and doing what we are told without even questioning the validity of it.
If we stop cooperating, and get “street wise” with what is actually going on, and see politicians as puppets, some willingly cooperating, and others clueless
– in the shadows are the technocrats –
that is who is manipulating events, way beyond the politicians.”
— David Icke

May this be a Guiding Principle for Heart Plan Vision
thank you David Icke for all you do to help awaken humanity

Global Social Transformation

In addition to this page where we list out TOPICS to be explored further (see below)

Our most recent Research endeavor can be found here
A Pictorial Glimpse At Our Times


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Global Social Transformation

TOPICS in Research for Refining to Top 111 Projects

Just to give you a sampling of the range of issues we are looking into –
here is a List of categories – that we are continuing to expand upon.


First off, may we admit,
we really don’t KNOW our way out of this Sixth Great Extinction underway.

So, with humility, may we proceed forward,
with open hearts, clear minds, and highest good visions. 

Global Social Transformation

Transition from Individualism to Connectedness
(giving people a direct experience of inter-connectedness)


Ad Campaign (TV, radio, billboards, online) of Massive Proportion to educate the public on Pesticides, Pollution, 5G and GMO’s impact on health & environment while at same time offering possibilities of good health that are sustainable and guide us in preventative measures.   Currently most advertisements are feeding the public with rampant consumerism, fast food and GMO food, lies about 5G, and pharmaceuticals.

5G Space Weapon, Mind Control Agenda & Kill Grid
Activism, Sacred Activism
Advertising through Billboards to Raise Public Awareness
Agents of Change – TEDxTeachers College event – how the process of change operates
Aging Conscious Aging
A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Pros & Cons, Creative beneficial use in higher education
A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Dangers of taking over human perception function
Amazon Forest – deforestation surges – threatening thousands of indigenous people
Ancient Techniques Harness Energy of the Earth
A New Science of Consciousness – end the “corrosive separation between mind and body.”
Angels are Real possibility and how to ask for help
Animal Testing – the end of
Archetypal Stories
Art, Music, Creativity – help with brain development, happiness and life satisfaction
Ascension – The Great Awakening of Humanity
Awards for Exceptional Individual Contributions – expand our vision of human purpose & ultimate reality
Behavioral Change Needed for the Planet, Not Money – a perspective
Banking – Private Central Banks
Big Pharma against Federal Legalization of Medical Cannabis – $5 billion estimate
Biomimicry – Nature is a Master Designer
Biodiversity on earth (a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level)
Billionaire “Redirect Project”   (a project in development with HeartPlanVision)
Boycott Corporations that are Polluting the Land and Poisoning the People
Carbon Neutral Communities
Centralization of Power – move away from Dictatorial System and to A Green New Deal
Change – old paradigm was to resist change, now it is time to learn to adapt to change
Children & family, health and education
Children as activists – many examples of fund raising for causes
Children Education Innovations and Support of Technology
Children, foster children help to adjust into adult life
Children, Foster Children & Children’s Rights – Many of child welfare systems are badly broken
Churches Helping Families living in poverty by clearing their Medical Debts
Cities as Key Players in a Post-Carbon World, Isla Vista Carbon Neutral 2025
Cities, Futuristic Green Cities
Civil Employees – highest paid civil servants will now be teachers and medical staff
Climate Chaos
Communication – Non-Violent Communication & How It Will Transform The World
Communities Resilience Collaboratives – heal & strengthen social connections
Competition, Conflict, Struggle, Scarcity – we were taught this as fundamental rule of nature
Competition model to Cooperation Model is now underway
Consciousness – levels of consciousness – raising consciousness
* Cooperation Model Awakening – imagine a world where nature likes us & not survival of the fittest
Corporations Corruption – Chemical Companies – the wide spread poisoning of America
Corporations Corruption & the fraud that permeates EPA and regulatory system
Culture Evolves As We Evolve our Understanding & Expression of Love
Cycles – 3 Big Cycles Underway and Converging Now – Climate, Economic, Human Conflict
Democracy – Oligarchy tricked into thinking U.S. is democracy, when it is corporate oligarchy
Demonstrations & Protests Large Scale Grass Roots Mobilizations
Developing Countries urgent need to eliminate poverty & improve nutrition/living conditions
Disasters Preparedness Resources
DNA – unique neurons no other forms of life has – did not come about from evolution – 200,000 yrs ago
DNA begin to activate next 10 strands of our DNA that are conscious & in waiting state
Earth as a Living System
Earth Endangered by fact resistance humans
Earth Cycles – about huge cycles and where we fit within it now
Ecological Consciousness
Ecological Design

Ecological Footprint Awareness
Ecology – Deep Ecology-cultivate ecological consciousness,understand everything is interconnected
Ecology – Deep Ecology – and What Trees Can Teach Us
Ecology – many positive contributions wild horses and burros make to ecosystems
Economy – Building A New Economy
Economy, Resource Based Economy
new socio-economic model utilizing science & technology
Economics, Public Banking, a Solution to our Web of Debt?

Economics for the poor
Economic Inequality
Economics, Sacred Economics

Education – collective community of people learning together, team engagement, rich communication
Education – dumbed down by education system (George Orwell book 1984 prediction)
Education – AI-based learning platform to lead way to global change in how higher education delivered
Education – rebuild learning system in a way conducive to creativity instead of consumerism

Electro Magnetics – 5G dangers and now 6G development, Smart Meters – dangers of
Electro Pulse Healing Technologies
Electro Regenerative Technology Large Scale Visioning
Employment in U.S. – Almost half of all American workers work low-wage jobs

Energy Alternatives away from fossil fuels
Energy – Bury the power grid (create jobs, save trees, big storms won’t take out the grid)
Energy New Directions, Solar, Wind, Electric cars – what is next and better
Energy – free energy, what are the elites hiding, ET free energy technologies
Energy, what if electric grid goes out from a solar flare, etc  – are we equipped to cope
Environment – Save the Coral Reefs!
Environment – Deforestation (habitat destruction) and in response – plant billions of trees
Environment Insect Die Off (400,000 Insect Species Face Extinction)
Environment (‘Insect apocalypse’ could cause ecosystem collapse and food insecurity)
Environmental Justice Movement & Coalitions
Environmental Lawsuits for Poisoning the Land and People
Environmental Problems of Selfishness, Greed & Apathy Need Spiritual & Cultural Transformation
Environmental Protection Stewardship
EPA Corruption hiding truth of cancer causing glyphosate to protect Monsanto profits
Epegenetics – we are not the code, we are the writers of the code
ET Contact: The 1% Effect – Dr Steven Greer
Evolution does not apply to Human Development – what happened
Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) – human & ET Relationship – develop peaceful relationship
Farmers – return land to small farmers & double world food production
Farming – Harness data revolutionize how food grown globally-cut costs, increase yields&sustainability
Farming, Permaculture Gardening and Regenerative Agriculture
Farming – Small independent American farmers near extinction
Farming – Healthy SOIL is the real key to feeding the world
Farming – Vertical Gardens (use less space, regulate nutrients, protected from weather)
Fear Based Programming – How Politicians, Marketers & Media Create Panic to Control the Masses
Feminine – Rediscover the Power of the Feminine
Food Distribution and Food Waste
Food – Urban Free Food Forests
Food – Restorative Food Systems
Food Security in presence of climate change with vertical gardens
Footprint Coalitionclean up the planet with technology, significantly, if not totally, in 10 years
Forest Therapy Guides – look up Northern California school
Free Energy and Anti Gravity Technology Patents
Fukishima and nuclear waste challenges and solutions

Galactic Climate & Sun Influences
Gardening – Teach children how to grow their own food – Dr. Richard Allan Miller vision
Gardening – Hydroponic Gardening
(without soil, using mineral nutrient in water)
GeoEngineering & Weather Wars – what’s going on with the weather!
Global Governance – The Future of Global Governance book by Kevin Galalae
Global “Power Elite”, the “Shadow Government” – bring out into mainstream discourse
Global Totalitarian Surveillance State being built up right in front of our eyes
Google buying up AI assets like DeepMind in order to facilitate installation of a global surveillance system
Governments Prioritize Well-Being of Citizens instead of solely GDP & Economic Growth
Government Secrecy, Black Op Special Access Projects, a Shadow Military
Grass Roots Parties – a project of Heart Plan Vision
GreenLining Where communities of color thrive & race is never a barrier to economic opportunity
Green New Deal
Grieve the Loss of World of our Past – that world is gone – need to acknowledge the world changed
Grieve loss of local small business to now domination of mega-corporations
Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product
Gun Violence
Happiness and Psychological Health
Hate – the beginning of the end of Hate – by embracing the deepest truth of our existence
Healing – Spontaneous Remissions “Dying To Be Me” book Anita Moorjani
Healing through Vibration, Frequency & Sound

Healing – truth about cancer unveiling
Health – Ancient Cultural Mind, Body, Soul Healing Technologies (drumming for one)
Health & Healing – Science on Natural Health – Cutting Edge Research
Healthcare for All
Health Advanced Health Care Raise the Standard
Health Radical Cures – Highlight cures and fund the research
Health – health lifestyles as prevention against disease
Health – Mental Health healing in African American Community to heal 400 years of trauma
Health Super Nutrition
Heart Coherence – understanding our biology, and the interconnectedness we share with all life
Heart Intelligence
Heart Math
HEMP!  A category in itself it’s potential so far reaching
Hollywood – Social Engineering by Hollywood movies, pop culture music & TV programming (Orwell prediction)
Homeless Medical CareBring ‘Street Medicine’ To The Homeless And Build Relationships To Save Lives
Homelessness – Helsinki’s Radical Solution to Homelessness
Homeless – vision an end to this
Housing – Affordable
Housing – Builders Using Hemp Instead of Concrete & It Could Save the Environment
Humanity’s Next Renaissance – Venus Project modelcomprehensive blueprint for a possible future
Human – New Human Story
Human Trafficking & child sex trafficking – no more!
Human Unity (Auroville’s 1st 50 years. International city, based in India- showing how human unity works)
Indigenous Cultures and their movement for sustainable development
Indigenous Native American “Rights of Nature Tribal Governance” initiative
Indigenous peoples are critical component to forest protection & protection of our planet
Intelligence & Effective Interspecies Communication – Whales and Dolphins
Intentional Communities, Intentional Societies
Internet Privacy Rights of Individuals & danger of Surveillance-based Business Model
Internship Programs – for high school and university interns
Justice & Reconciliation – Restorative Justice
Labor – Employees better pay & end appalling work conditions
Labor – Minimum Wage as a Health Risk for People Impacts
Land Rights Defenders – End the Criminalization of Land Rights Defenders
The Maharishi Effect
Masculine “Re-envision the essential (or archetypal) masculine”
Media Conscious Media and Education
Media – Indoctrinated by Corporate Owned Mass Media (a George Orwell 1984 prediction)
Media Literacyfree press for democratic self-government, Censorship undermines democracy
Media, Main Stream Media – Controlled by Large Corporate Interests & Billionaires
Medical Cartel – medical covert ops pacifying, debilitating,& control populations, through toxification
Medical School – Mandate Plant-Based Nutrition Program
Meditation – Flower of Life Meditation
Micro to Macro – local to global
* Military are now fine tuned to deploy assistance rapid deploy hospitals, medicine, water, food
Military not just about war and fighting – they are best equipped to deploy assistance – but not allowed
Mind Control Projects – Government Admit & Apologize
, Bring this to light for public
Mind Control Projects – Government Experiments on Citizens, last 40+ years
Mind – Open Mind, we need an open mind
Money – Conscious Spending – when you spend money you cast vote for kind of world you want
Money – Liberate our Neurotransmitters from debt slavery model
Multimedia – Inspire & Guide Conscious Evolution through music, videos, documentaries
Mushrooms 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World
Music – Protest Music As Responsible Citizenship
Natural Resources – over consumption
Nature – New Science says Nature based on Coooperation – this is 180% shift
Nature – Rights of Nature
New Discoveries – Resistance to share in mainstream new science based discoveries
New Science Based Discoveries – Resistance comes from – money, power, ego, habit & threatening
Nuclear – Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (weapons, disarmament and cleanup)
Nuclear energy
Nuclear Contamination & Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Weapons – Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 50 nation ratify goal
Oceans health
Oceans Can Be Restored to Health in 30 Years & Redouble Efforts Needed
Oligarchy – tricked into thinking U.S. is democracy, when it is corporate oligarchy (Orwell prediction)
Omega Point – the complete fulfillment of creation …  a global firestorm of mutual love
Omega Point spiritual belief everything in universe fated to spiral towards final point divine unification
Parks underserved communities access to parks,preserves, recreational facilities (MarinCountyParksgrant)
Peace – United States, become the undisputed champion of peace
Peace – League of Nations – the most ambitious attempt ever made to construct a peaceful global order
Peace Keeping Organizations League of Nations to United Nations
Peace on Earth by 2030 – World Peace
Pedophilia & Sexual Offending Against Children – theory, assessment, intervention
Pesticides Ban – impacts on wildlife, bees, etc and how they regenerate after removal of pesticides
Pharma – Drugged, brainwashed & robbed by Big Pharma & American healthcare racket (Orwell prediction)
Pharmaceutical Industry – Rising Prices for Profit Motive
Pharmaceuticals – psychiatric medications causing severe side effects
Plan for 7 Generations Out
Plastics, Bottled Water – impacts and alternatives
Plastics RecyclingChina permanently banning the import of nonindustrial plastic waste
Plastics – EU restrictions on certain single-use plastics, July 2021
Political Uprisings – Mass Resistance Movements – Widespread Global Uprisings
Politics – a new vision
Politics – abolish the electoral college
Politics – Grass Roots Parties Activism – A Project Within Heart Plan Vision
Politics – reduce the influence of money in politics and help foster an ethical accountable government
Politics – identify the dysfunction and corruption
Politics – campaign finance reform (big money out of politics)
Politics – No billionaires, super PACs or corporate lobbyists influencing campaigns
Politics – place term limits in all 3 branches of government-legislative, executive and judicial branches
Prisons & Private Prisons, America’s Justice System & Imbalance along racial lines
Prison – Mass Incarceration – U.S. locks up more people than any other country in the world
Prisons- Vision for a better (reformed) Justice System – replace wrath with opportunity
Project Drawdown100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming
Racism Inequalities – address this at deepest core levels
Recycling – China no longer taking U.S. recycling – now what – end of recycling?
Relax!  Americans Need To Take A Chill Pill
Reparations – the U.S. to Africans and Native Americans
Reparations – Illinois city reparations fund for its African American community with tax on marijuana sales
Religious Warfare – look to root causes
Rising Seas and lands being flooded – how to design and adjust to rising sea levels
Roof tops – plant gardens and install solar panels – what would impact be globally
Secret Space Program Declassified in 2020?
Simplicity Movement, Reduce Clutter and excess material accumulation
Smart Grid – dangers of
Smart Homes “Surveillance Marketed As Revolutionary Technology”
Spiritual & Cultural Transformation Needed to confront problems of selfishness, greed & apathy
Spiritual Foundations for Living, Forgiveness
Spiritual Revolution Needed if we’re going to confront the environmental challenges that face us
Stress in these Momentous Times
Student Debt – forgive student debt and boost economy
Superfund cleanups of toxic & radioactive wastes from nuclear activities
Surveillance and Censored Speech (George Orwell book 1984 prediction)
Surveillance from Internet Connected Devices- rampant security issues from hackers & government
Sustainability & Sustainable Living
Telecom Industry – vast, illegal financial scandal that runs throughout the US telecom industry/FCC
Tesla Patents – Musk releases all Telsa patents to help save the earth
* Thinking – the Way We Think must changego to root of who we are & where did we come from
Transition Movement – build community resilience in the face of challenges towards sustainability
Transportation Universal Fare-Free Public Transit
Truth – Things Aren’t Getting Worse, The Truth is Being Revealed
Urban Planning & Design – Living Buildings
, Resilient Design, Green Infrastructure
Vaccines & Big Pharma – what is really going on
Values to Teach – of Specialness and Preciousness of Life
Vatican – complex, dark web of deceit
Veterans & Healing the Traumas PTSD
Video Games – heartless and violent
Visionaries & Innovators implement solutions for world’s critical environmental & social challenges
Visionary Leader Award from Physicians for Social Responsibility
Voting Rights, Campaign Reform, Congress Accountability – FB Page for research
War and transitions to Peace
Water – clean water warriors
Water – looming global water shortages
Water – safe drinking water 2.2 billion people globally struggle to reach&consume safe, drinkable water
Weather – fires and extreme weather, the new norm and how to deal
Women Global Empowerment
finding their voice, power, dreams, being community leaders

Women Leadership
Work – Reinventing Work 5-Hour Work day limit office email use & ban social media on job
World at ‘turning point’ – choose policies of peace and human rights over war and human suffering
Youth Leadership

(current count 284)

Global Social Transformation


Keywords We Are Researching For Global Social Transformation

Climate Change
Corporate Personhood
David Orr
Ecological Design
Environmental Justice
Green Business
Green Economy
Green Energy
Green Infrastructure
Green for All
Green New Deal
Greg Watson
Movement Building
New Consensus
Paul Hawken
Project Drawdown
Renewable Energy
Restoring Ecosystems
Shumacher Institute
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Equity
Socially Responsible Money Management
State of American Democracy
Sustainable Development
Vien Truong
Global Social Transformation




Collaborations – Wish List

Republic of the Heart – book and upcoming podcast with Terry Patton
I would like to “idea generate” with Terry and team and explore ways to leverage these interviews for greatest imaginable impact.  State of Emergence Podcast link.


Research and Identify those that have looked into what activities are creating the BEST & WORST impacts on life on earth.  So to get some other perspectives, to cast as wide a net as possible, on all the issues at hand. 


Bioneers – research in depth which of their projects most appropriate to collaborate on.


Collaborate with Students
Develop a Curriculum for High School and University and Local College Students
Develop curriculum with students giving input
Pull from key projects within Heart Plan Vision book
Track how students flush out and directly experience the projects
What types of internships evolve out of these
What type of collaborations develop
Team up with other schools – local and international